Everyone Should Probably Stay Away From This Level 3 Sex Offender’s Bus

offender bus

Level 3 Sex Offender John J. Stangl is a convicted felon and is legally registered as homeless in Hyannis. 
This is the vehicle that he uses and lives in and sometimes travels all over Cape Cod in. It was observed by the Yarmouth Police PAC UNIT this morning at Chase Garden Park on Route 28 in West Yarmouth near Standish Way.
Please be vigilant…

Level 3 Sex Offender Community Notification 
Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 6, §§ 178C-178Q, the individual who appears on this notification has been designated as a Level 3 Sex Offender by the Sex Offender Registry Board. The Board has determined that this individual is at a high risk to reoffend and that the degree of dangerousness posed to the public is such that a substantial public safety interest is served by active community notification.

I don’t mean to be harping on criminals here today, but you may want to be aware of this alert from the Yarmouth Police. I don’t want to state the obvious here, but you just can’t get any more rapey than that bus. That thing should be confiscated immediately under some kind of “anti diddling factory” zoning bylaw violation or something.

So yeah, like the YPD says “please be vigilant” which directly translated into Rapish means, “Stay the fuck away from this guy”…

UPDATE: He is on the South Shore


P.S. Seriously, can we figure out a reason to take the rape bus away from the level 3 dude that’s “at a high risk to reoffend”? UPDATE: More info HERE

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  1. Why do they get to walk the st.? They should be the ones serving life right w murders I will never understand this. You have no problem giving life on an assumption about someone that's actually innocent and never would hurt anyone. Happens all the time, its later ppl are found innocent served 20+ so
    and released yet one of these guys prob did re crime and they walk right out again killing souls of innocent children.

  2. yes it does….I've seen this outside my work quite a lot. Have never seen the person driving it. This makes me feel real great.

  3. The bus looks like it was made to attract kids, that alone should be a reason to take it away from a level 3 sex offender!! There are plenty of homeless shelters he shouldn't be aloud to have this bus looking that way!!

  4. You're obviously an expert at detecting sarcasm in print. But, as far as sexual offenses go, it is a mild one…

  5. Yarmouth alone has about six actual child rapists, so if i had to choose which one to post on the internet, i'd go with one of those instead of old jackoff bus.

  6. I'm all for the need to for the public to know the info but it also states the info can not be used to haras

  7. Disgusting vile biohazard. Although easier to identify and avoid than a more normal mode of private transportation.

  8. He was at the commuter parking lot in Hyannis this am….it is his legal address…..he was there watching a group of little girls getting on a school bus….the girls were in school uniforms…black shoes, socks, jumper and white blouse…they go to private school….. I reported it to police and they say it's okay he has the legal right to be there…. did not seem right to me

  9. heres a thought. let him keep the bus( as creepy as it is) its easy to identify it and him. Id rather my kids see that thing and run, then a car like everyone elses and not know.

  10. I got a feeling this guy is going to get fucked up pretty bad now. I got kids…..only one way to cure a child molester…..actually i can think of a bunch of sick insane ways. All senarios end in a long drawn out death

  11. There actually ARE bylaws on the Cape that make it illegal to sleep in a car. I don't know that law enforcement could ever take it to the level that made it possible to confiscate his bus, but I know that they certainly could band together, town by town, and put some serious pressure on him, possibly even arresting him for sleeping in his bus and impounding it.

  12. Rory Brown Please TELL ME about FALMOUTH, my 2 1/2 yr old son had been going there every other week.

  13. The Cape use to be a nice place to live but the drugs are so bad there now I took my 2 kids to the beach finding needles everywhere now living in the country and love it…..

  14. Agreed, I lived in south Yarmouth for almost 10 years and saw it decline because of all the drugs. Very unfortunate but it's happening everywhere. Just have to stay on top of your neighborhood and keep an eye out.

  15. Ok, not defending this person, but where does it say he is a pedifile?. Are all sex offe ders pedofiles? I must be mising some information…or the article is missing some? I also agree tha with such an obvious vehicle, how har dis he avoiding any authorities?

  16. The Cape needs a vigilante (Dexter Morgan style). It needs to be taken back. The slugs from New Bedford and fall River need to be chased back to their homes. All the shit bags in the Upper Cape have been drizzling out of that area with their Heroine and Meth..

  17. Linda, your tag says UMass Boston – not to sound rude but you should consider taking some English courses there. Honestly, your post makes you sound illiterate.

  18. God wouldn't of gave u hand that fit around your dick if he didn't want you to jerking off with it . But I'm pretty sure he didn't want you jerking off in public . How come u don't hear about women sex offenders. If a man saw a woman jerking off in public most men would stop and watch depending on how attractive the woman looked. I know I would with out a complaint either. Most would do the same and if they say they wouldn't there a lying sack of shit and they know it .

  19. God didn't give a man a hand that fit around his dick so he couldn't jerkoff once and awhile. But I'm sure he didn't intend for man to be doing it in public.

  20. Leo Spinner you sound like a Rhodes scholar calling for a Dexter Morgan type of vigilante on the Cape, and your foolish generalizations about Fall River, New Bedford and the upper Cape. It's clueless fools like yourself who need to chased back to their homes.

  21. Obviously kids safety is paramount and the judicial system should give them life in prison with the possibility of parole castration. With that being said, once he is released the guys has to live in the world too. Dude probably has zero options. Can't get a job. Can't secure a house. Lives in a bus, homeless. Now he's pretty much socially alienated and a target for hate crimes as well. How does that make the situation better?

    We need to have a better judicial solution to these kinds of problems.

  22. LOL YEAH THE ALL WHITE BUS KIDS SURE DO LOVE ALL WHITE B– USES. Are you fucking high? Also lmao, "there are plenty of homeless shelters" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. oh wow. You sure seem knowledgeable

  23. Why are these people allowed to have their penis and testicles intact? Lop them off and then the problem is gone. Badda Bing Badda Bang..

  24. Leo Spinner likes little girls too. Don't let him fool you. How old Leo like 16 or 17 you creepy little fuck stain.

  25. Leo Spinner Yeah they should start at your house. You like little girls around 16 or 17ish? Fucking hypocrite.

  26. As a parent I am not going to say it's ok as long as a sex offender has served their time because I know the stats on offending again, & I am not judging anyone but I certainly wouldn't let my kids take a ride on that bus

  27. I have 4 children. I am not protecting the guy, I'm just educating all of you who are taking things too far. I teach my kids not to go near ppl they don't know & educate them that ppl out there can hurt others. But I also take into consideration a persons offense. Yes because of the picture I am aware to be weary but I am not the one to judge a person. I believe God will

  28. I don't think that was what Daniel was trying to do Zachary but who knows…protecting innocent children is a must though.

  29. My heart truly bleeds for him. Not. I don't want my taxes going to pay for him in prison for life so he can stay warm, cozy and fed. I vote castration and then set him free. Tired of slaps on the wrist and then government help to give rats like this a better life when victims now have a lifetime of hell. Its ass-backwards. Should he be targeted for hate crimes? depends on who you ask. If it was one of my kids he touched, I wouldn't rest until he was in the ground. Absolutely no compassion for cesspool maggots like this. If I saw this bus near a playground, school, or park near kids, guess what? Ill call the police and watch his ass until they intervene. I wouldn't leave him unwatched. I would make life awkward and miserable until he moves the hell outta here!! Treat HIM as the victim?!! Bullshit!!!

  30. who ever said that he was a sex offender because he masturbated in public is way off. You can't get a level 3 for that. you only get a level 3 for rape.

  31. Zachary Callaghan since you like sticking up for pedophiles than anwser everyone….NY case…I will make it very clear. If I ever run into this guy and he is near any kids, park, playground, ect, he will be removed and fixed

  32. This guy has a record in several states. His charges in NY involve a child. You don't become a level 3 sex offender over urinating/masturbating in public.

  33. This guy has a record in several states. His charges in NY involve a child. You don't become a level 3 sex offender by urinating/masturbating in public.

  34. Out here in Washington they put them on an island (McNeil Island) after their prison sentence is up if they are deemed to be too dangerous to be out in society. If they have a need to get off the island, it can only be done with an escort. You have islands all over the place folks.

  35. Leo Spinner I am most certainly not illiterate, although when I am typing on a small device such as a smartphone, I do admit to some typing mistakes. In my previous post, where were these blatant signs of "illiteracy"…in my spacing errors?? For someone who says "not to sound rude," you clearly are very rude and have some major issues that make you feel the need to criticize people you don't even know while hiding behind your computer screen and keyboard. Perhaps some professional mental health clinician would be worth a call Leo?

  36. The bus was parked in the parking lot left of the East bay grill in Plymouth at 9:15 am today. There was a Plymouth police cruiser parked fifty feet away face the bus!

  37. I'm not sure if everyone here realizes this but,, EVERYONE, and I do mean EVERYONE, has committed crimes that could land them on the sex offender registry,,,,, the only difference between sex offenders and hypocritical pitch fork holders is, the pitchfork holders didn't get busted for their misbehavior.

    ANYONE with any amount of adult, or young adult life sexual experience, could very easily wind up on the sex offender registry.

    Something as simple as shagging your (adult or otherwise) girlfriend in the back seat of your car can land you on the registry,,,

    Anyone who has had sex or ANY LEVEL of sexual contact in Massachusetts as a minor with a minor could be put on the registry if they fall into the systems clutches.

    Groping someone while intoxicated at a party or dance club can net you a level 3 sex offender classification.

    The classification board will almost certainly label you a 3 if you refuse to submit personal information to comply with their requests. Of course who would be happy and willing to comply with something that is forced on them,, no one.

    These are things pitchfork holders need to be aware of.

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