Insane Tony Reviews The New Crooked Coast Album – WILDLIFE


There are a ton of perks (not that kind) working for The Real Cape. The huge checks, helping with The Real Cape Music Festival, meeting music legends and pretty much getting to say what ever the fuck I want are just a few of them. A recent perk was being invited to the abode of Crooked Coast band member Luke Vose a few weeks ago to get a sneak preview of their new album WILDLIFE.

Luke and I sat down over a few brews and some whiskey and listened to each track as he gave me insight to each song. Let me tell ya these guys are stepping it up after their last album “Thanks For The Memories”. I haven’t stopped listening for 2 weeks now (still trying to pick my jams). This album has been put together with a shit ton of love, sweat, and booze.

From the opening intro you can hear they mean business right out of the gate. With 11 tracks on the album you hear some of the bands early influences coming out. From Rancid, Black Sabbath, and Blink 182, this CD has something for everyone. The boys even tangle with some countryish jams.

Here are few bangers off WILDLIFE that caught my ears so far.

“Had A Ball”- This covers all the great and insane times they have had together, kind of a love song to each other. Oh ya and any song that talks about smashing fruit is on my jams list.

“Martyr”- This country punk song is about the tough times. Also you just never know what somebody else is struggling with.

“No Caroline No”- This one came fast to the Johnny Mac in the studio. You can feel the fun they are having on this one.

“World Spins”- This is a feel good summer time jam. It is bass and drum driven and Ben and C-Money drive the car right through the front door on this track.

“Comin’ Down”- This one has a little different feel than the rest of the tracks. A little more mellow and a touch of mother fuckin’ slide guitar.

“Dreamer”- This is one that jumped out of the speakers at me. This has a little jam hop feel to it. Also the old school references get me every time. Plus you always have be a DREAMER.

I don’t wanna give the entire album away, so I only covered a few of the JAAAAAMS. As I sit here listening over and over again I realize that his whole album is a banger. WILDLIFE has a little something something for everyone , no matter what your taste is. You can get a hard copy at any upcoming Crooked Coast show or online here

Keep your eyes out for to catch the boys out live, they put on one hell of a show. Upcoming gigs include Grumpys Pub, MV Sound Music Festival, The Real Cape Music Festival and Sandy Dicks Booze Bar.

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Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – Isel Garcia-Renart


When I hear the phrase “soul sista” one young Cape Codder comes to mind. Isel Garcia-Renart of Falmouth is an amazing talent with an even more amazing voice. She is on of the top female acts here on the Cape and should not be missed. Her smooth soulful sound gives you that “Right by the beach boooyyy” feeling. Her 13 track self titled album came out in 2009. With such jams as “Herbal Remedies”, “Lovesong” and “Better Things”.

Isel and reggae D.J Selectah Niko Onedrop will be kicking off summertime in Woods Hole this Friday at Phusion from 9 p.m-1 a.m, with “The 2nd Annual Daniel Tha Lion Earth Strong Celebration”. Phusion will be having a special deal on Red Stripe all night. If you love reggae and great live music (or Red Stripe) you need to mark Friday on your calender as a don’t miss. Isel has some very talented friends from across the Cape and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them stop by on Friday to help celebrate Tha Lion and summertime.

P.S- A little secret Isel (A.K.A Olive Mia) also performs with The Brazen Belles Burlesque troupe.

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