Check Out Homeboy Using The Drive Thru On His Bicycle At CVS In Hy-Town

bike drive thru

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Listen, I’ve got no problem with the bicycle part, you gotta do what you gotta do to get around. I’ve got no problem with the drive thru part either, but add them together and you’ve got yourself a pretty ridiculous situation. The drive thru is convenient for one reason and one reason only, YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET OUT OF YOUR CAR!

The drive thru on a bike is insane, dude could have pulled right up to the door on the sidewalk, kicked the stand down and had his shit before that maroon minivan even made it into the drive thru line. Look at the guy, with his foot down waiting, DUDE YOU ARE ON A BICYCLE, get your foot on that pedal, go around them, get in that store and get your scripts, I’m assuming you need them filled ASAP seeing as you are IN A DRIVE THRU ON A BICYCLE!

P.S. I apologize for the all caps, I know how annoying that can be but… HE’S ON A BICYCLE IN THE DRIVE THRU!

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  1. He pedaled using his own power and here you are criticizing him. But it's ok for all the lazy people who are physically able to park and walk in, but choose not to. Notice I exclude handicapped, mothers with small children etc…

  2. Why wouldn't he be on a bicycle? He should instead lock up his bike, go inside, and wait in line behind some moron who is wasting a technician's time with stupid questions? DUDE, HE IS ON BICYCLE. So what?! People do it all the time. More people should do it.

  3. I agree to a point. But since you said he could have parked that fast and ran in…. Couldn't you have done the same? We are all a bunch of spoiled brats for having a drive thru in the first place! So who gets to call someone lazier for using it? This is more of a safety issue. Most insurance companies have rules against drive thru customers with. I car.

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