Scientists Asking For Whale Tale Photos From Cape Cod Boaters

whale tail – A new “Carib Tails” international citizen science effort has begun to track humpback whale seasonal migrations between Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and marine sanctuaries in the Caribbean, according to recent materials released by Stellwagen Bank officials.

Boaters are asked to photograph the tails of humpbacks they encounter at sea to support ongoing research on the approximately 1,000 humpbacks that migrate between Stellwagen Bank and its Caribbean partners.

The photographs will be matched with existing entries in the North Atlantic Humpback Whale Catalog and could be added to the collection – particularly if the humpbacks are previously unknown or unphotographed.

Oh look at that an “international citizen science effort” and they want Cape Codders to photograph whale tales from their boats. Well if they can get people to do all of their work for them and add to their picture collection then so can we.

The Real Cape would like to announce our “Cape Cod citizen science effort” where we ask all of you Cape Codders to send US your photos of whale tales in their natural habitat as well. Only we don’t want pics of Moby Dick, we are looking for submissions of a slightly different type of whale tale.

whale tale
Gives new meaning to the term “Humpback” AMIRITE?

So remember Cape Cod, have your cameras ready at all times. You never know when a whale tale might just pop out of nowhere. We will do our part and “study” every photo we get… you know, for science.

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