We Dug Up More Info On The Guy In The White Bus And He’s REALLY Dangerous

offender bus

We posted earlier about a level 3 homeless sex offender that lives in the white bus that moves all around the Cape. We can’t get into details, but it has come to our attention that this guy has a very long, very violent record in New York in addition to his Massachusetts record.

UPDATE: He is on the South Shore

We are talking serious acts, some against children. This guy is no harmless flasher, he’s the real deal. Stay very far away from this dude, and whatever you do, don’t engage him in any way. Don’t think it would be funny to spray paint something on his bus, don’t think you should take it upon yourself to tell him to leave Cape Cod. Don’t be a hero. We aren’t serious on this website very often, but we don’t blow smoke either and we are dead serious about this.


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  1. He is not currently wanted by the police. As a level 3 sex offender, he is required to register an address as it is FEARED sex offenders will offend again. I'm not defending this guy in particular, but ex cons deserve privacy as American citizens (provided they are currently abiding the laws)

  2. Dont advocate violence on this site…The Real Cape doesn't want to get sued. If this guy gets assaulted guess who will be a prime suspect? You will.

  3. Dont need you lookin out for me! Clearly that dude is a lunatick and im pretty sure im not the only person in life that has had the thght of anything bad happening to him

  4. Tipical we would rather a victim then a hero.. Hide in your houses and lock the doors. They are bad people in the world and we dont want you defend your self

  5. Oh shit i am sorry. Thought i was speaking to a adult. Clearly ur are retarded. I dont speak retard so u might have to translate this. Go fuck ur self. Have a nice day

  6. He has to register as a sex offender if he takes up residence, if he is constantly moving his residence he doesn't have to register. Smart, and creepy.

  7. Ya, hes a sex offender and a piece of shit, but dont the cops have better things to do like catch bad guys? Instead of following a bus around. There's tons of other sex offenders who are still living in society. If he does anything it will be no problem identifying him.

  8. Chad C Henden I agree, pretty stupid comment…could be construed as a threat, which is a felony to threaten to commit a crime.

  9. Ya, I think they need to change the laws so that sex offenders have to have a physical address like a parolee does.

  10. Not trying to defend this scumbag. He is guilty of 'open and gross lewdness' which could be public urination, public masturbation, exposing himself, etc whatever it is, it doesn't seem like he is a molester or anything, which there are PLENTY of in our area. Regardless, I now know to avoid this guy at all costs and thankfully he has made that easy by making himself standout with that bus. Find out more about registered sex offenders in our area here:


  11. Chris Taber you don't know that. None of you have any idea what kind of time this guy did. I am willing to bet it was not enough. Rapists, child molesters, sex offenders in general never seem to do enough time. You generally do more time if you get caught with drugs then you do for a sexual offense. The judicial system is a joke these days.

  12. The law of registering sex offenders was made for parents of young children. It has turned into a witch hunt. If he is already deemed a pos, etc by society, then a, he'll start to believe it, and b, say f it, society will never let me be anything else!

  13. Terese Pacensa sure. He looks like he's trying to reform, driving around town in a rape bus. That thing is creepier than his mug shot. Not to mention, with a laundry list as long his and the fact that he's no spring chicken I don't see reform in his near future. Obviously this guy has had some MAJOR trauma in his life while he was growing up. He has been acting out his P.T.S.D through violence and sexual crimes for decades. There has to be a certain point where no matter how much support you get you will never change. This man is broken and should be in an institution of some sort. He needs heavy medication and a team of shrinks working with him around the clock and even then he's not to be trusted.

  14. Chris Bergstrom You don't even know him. Lmao, or the details of his crimes, OR anything about his childhood. You read about 10 sentences on the internet and formed all of those judgements. Good golly.

  15. There is nothing worst that a sex offender. murderers usually have a beef with one other person. these people set out to mentally and sexually torment multiple people and children. they are a diseased person with a mental illness that is almost 100% non curable.

  16. Rapists and child molestors don't ever pay their debt to society, but the death penalty would be a good start. Instead, they're given lenient sentences and are allowed to go free after just a few years, segregated from the general population in prison. It's not right and they should pay with their life at a minimum.
    However, this guy wasn't arrested for rape or child molestation. He was arrested for "gross and open lewdness". Which could very well mean some busybody called the police on him for pulling over his bus and taking a piss in the woods. It wouldn't be a far stretch to believe that that's all it was. A landscaper i know was arrested and branded a "sex offender" for exactly that reason.
    He very well could've done much worse but the point is that we don't know what he did and we do know that it wasn't rape or molestation. So to publicly call the man "dangerous" and to alienate him from this community for possibly just pissing on a tree isn't just irresponsible, it makes you an asshole. (I'm looking at you Author) Do some investigation BEFORE you do the reporting.

  17. You mean pedophiles. Sex offenders can be a "normal" person that has one too many and is busted for public urination, for example!

  18. Matthew Witmer I may not know the intimate details of his crimes but I know what he was charged with and for how many decades. Maybe you don't know the difference between a level 1 or 2 sex offender and a level 3. Look him up man. You might change your tune.

  19. "We aren’t serious on this website very often, but we don’t blow smoke either and we are dead serious about this." When reading a story like this I'd feel a lot better if the author had the balls to use his real name. If you're going to try to report real news, have some journalistic integrity. "Don’t think it would be funny to spray paint something on his bus," Was it really necessary/responsible to write that.

  20. Terese Pacensa Dodd you seriously say that reform is possible for SEX OFFENDERS?!?! Wow you are a dope! It's a proven fact that the only criminal that CANNOT be reformed are SEX OFFENDERS!! I cannot even believe I have to post this to someone defending a freaking sex offender and nit just any but one that is seriously seriously sick!!! Level 3 isn't from peeing in public! Wtf!

  21. It's not proven that they cannot reform, but that the percentage is low. How do you know that "nice guy" that has been your mechanic for the last 20 years isn't a sex offender? (That is just an example) I know reformed sex offenders, that's why.

  22. I don't know if someone wasn't registered as a sex offender is a SO ,…? Most sociopaths are described as " that nice man that lives next door" until they find 10 women chained in their basement ! What's your point that you never know if the mechanic next door is a sex offender! Uh obviously no one knows until it's to late. Sex Offending like any mental conditions cannot be cured! Although it's a mental condition like depression there is no pill to make them normal! Your reference to the registry as a witch hunt is a bit off witch hunts are referring to a group of individuals hunting down an innocent person or making false or unjust accusations due to a paranoia state or mob mentality from un supported accusations ….. There is definitely no similarities with a witch hunt and the sex offender registry! …., you have "friends" that are sex offenders is that like " I have this friend"…. If this article was about a lower level sex offender I can possible see your defending hey we all had a friend who got drunk and peed outside some got unlucky and peed 100 feet within a school district but we are talking about level 3 that is someone who has committed a heinous act with forceable rape with high probability it was a child under 12!!! There is no debt that can ever be paid to that victim or society! S.O. Are the lowest forms of pure evil to exist you may have a few "friends" I know a few victims I've seen first hand what a disgusting filth and his own selfish deprived needs can do to a person a family a community there isn't a sentence that will ever fit the crime in this day and age!

  23. Agreed. However in some states serial drunk drivers must have special color plates on their vehicles that notify other drivers to beware. In this case we have a man police say is "at high risk to reoffend". Not everyone reads the local papers or has social media. Should there not be better forms of protection for potential victims in cases like this?

  24. Jacquie it seems you are twisting my words. I am NOT saying that the registry is a witch hunt. I am not denying the importance of it. However, unless further laws are broken, I believe that's where it should stay. There may not be ways to "cure" this behavior, but there are ways to stabilize it. Therapy and sex addict 12 step meetings. Did anyone stop to think maybe the reason he's not in an apartment is no one will rent to him? And, no, I'm not a sex offender myself. I do however know people that are. By further isolating this guy, it makes it more likely he'll offend again. He's in the registry, we are aware… And that should be the end of it.

  25. Taryn Thoman I'm not taking issue with community notification of the potential threat, and I'm not opposed to better forms of protection. I don't see this as a good example of a "better form of protection". What I have an issue with is the manner in which the author presented the story, and the way he "colored" it with his lexicon i.e. "rapey" "anti diddling factory" "which directly translated into Rapish means". What is a better form of protection and to what extent? tattooing their foreheads? castration? ship them to Cuba? These people being released back into society by the powers that be despite their Level 3 status has always mystified me to begin with.

  26. Guys like this one don't get better,they are an û curable sick and it's unfortunate that there has to be a wake of victims behind him before he gets labeled sexually dangerous and committed for good,there is never just the once

  27. @Chad C Henden wow your beyond ignorant!! Let me repeat your sentence "I don't speak retard" .. Your right mentally challenged people and you don't speak the same language… They have more class, smarts, and maturity!

  28. The anonymous author of a local blog is not bound to any sort of journalistic integrity. Either you find value or you move along. We get robo calls from the Barnstable Police that notify us of bike races, shelter locations (during weather emergencies), and other needs for a heads up in our community. The fact that this guy is a highly visible roving danger threatens people. A robo call raising awareness of his significant possibility to re-offend with added notice that he is not wanted by the police, akin to what YPD has done on social media is one way to better protect potential victims. I take issue with the BPD, who call me for money but don't call about this guy. I see him as no less a danger than an Ebola patient driving around town 24/7. We enforce quarantines on people with diseases that can spread & harm communities. Why not quarantine a guy like this, who has almost no chance of being cured, & a large chance of destroying others' lives?

  29. Barnstable does has a sex offender law on the books regarding residency.

    General Ordinances of the Town of Barnstable, Chapter 147, Article IV, § 147-12 (C);

    I am working on one for the town of yarmouth that prohibits movement, like the one in Mansfield

  30. Taryn Thoman point taken as far as the blog goes, I don't see myself visiting this site with any frequency. Like I said in my earlier post, I've never understood the reasoning behind releasing someone we (more specifically our judicial system), has classified as being unable to be rehabilitated and highly likely to re-offend, back into the community. Where do you "quarantine" them, for the rest of their lives? how do we monitor them?, would you want a halfway house in your neighborhood, town, county? do they become wards of the state?, A state/federal run facility taxpayer funded? that's not going to go over well with a lot of folks, mandatory life sentence w/out possibility of parole?I don't have any idea what we're talking about in terms of how many offenders there are currently in the system. Then of course there's always the ALCU who will defend them and their "rights".

  31. Maybe this guy is currently dangerous, but some of the comments shown here make it clear you don't need a white bus to be a scary person.

  32. I was three feet from this guy in the cookie isle at Shaw's in Hyannis today. He looks just like his mugshot. His bus was parked closer to Toys R Us, if you can believe it. One of the dozens of bumper stickers says "Get on the bus!" most child molesters are separated from the general population in prison for their own safety. They need to be separated in our community too. That means creating more laws about where they can go and what they can do. We already keep them so many feet from schools. As a condition of release from prison there should be a longer list of places they can't go near, & even times they can be mobile. If they have a car, why not a plate that identifies them as level 3 sex offenders? As you are aware, these particularly dangerous criminals don't get better. If freed, they need to be on permanent probation with strict guidelines.

  33. Teresa,not sure what land you live in,but a person who gets busted taking a piss in public does not have to register as a LEVEL 3 (which means MOST LIKELY TO REOFFEND,HENCE THE REGISTRY)so why are you defending him???..would you change your tune if it was your child he hurt?…give me a break!!

  34. Kimberly, there are THREE levels of sex offenders. In Mark's post, he said there's nothing worse than a sex offender. So MY comment was the fact that pedophiles are what is usually considered the worst of the worst. Level 1 and level 2 SO could be labeled for many other lewd offences!

  35. Terese Pacensa… if 'he is required to register an address as it is FEARED sex offenders will offend again', how can a big white bus have an address???

  36. If he is listed as HOMELESS…. how can he have an address this makes no sense…. And I would think deciding to live in a SCHOOL BUS, which is clearly luring to children white and with flowers in the window??? Should be seriously looked into. HE should have to list a valid address or be found in violation of parole and sent back up.

  37. Erin Kelly-Cody I was referring to the sex offender in the bus. Is it really a reach to think that this sexual deviant might seek out a taboo but legal outlet for his unique sexual urges? Not once did I suggest that the potential transgender lady/gentleman in question was a pedophile. Stop trying so hard to be offended.

  38. I'm not sure if there are any actual charges in NY, and if there aren't, then what you are posting here is slander. The ACTUAL charges against this man in Massachusetts are; 3 counts of open and gross, lewd and lascivious behavior. That can translate to anything from peeing in public to mooning a crowd. His last offense was in 2008. There were no charges of rape, nor anything involving children. Here is a link to the actual sex offender registry listing, which consists of genuine charges, not rumor or speculation. I'm guessing no one will hire this man because of his level 3 status and he is therefore forced to live in his vehicle. Use caution, sure. But also try common sense. http://sorb.chs.state.ma.us/ResultDetail.asp?btn226977=Detail

  39. Chris Taber , the problem with that is if they can't get a job because no one will hire a level 3 sex offender, they can't pay rent and can't have a physical address. So then what?

  40. Terese Pacensa The only debt to society that needs to be paid when it comes to sex offenders of any level is a humane lethal injection. No second chances, no nothing. You are no longer human and need to be put to sleep just as a rabid animal would be.

  41. Taryn Thoman Please show the link to the official site that shows this man has ever molested a child. Otherwise, this is slander. And while bloggers are not bound to any kind of journalistic integrity, they are bound to publicly publish truth, not spread gossip. Otherwise, they can be sued.

  42. Did you know that a large percentage of child molesters were molested themselves as children? So if your son was molested as a kid and he grows up to molest someone else's child because he is mentally damaged (not his fault) then he should be put to death? Perhaps you should consider reading real studies and articles about the cause and effect of these crimes instead of having some violent knee jerk reaction to some gossip you read on the internet. Here you go, you're welcome. http://www.cmrpi.org/pdfs/study.pdf P.S. There is no indication anywhere on any OFFICIAL sex offender site that says this man ever raped anyone, adult or child. So you might want to check yourself.

  43. Kelly Arrighi Casey, You might want to understand the law before you threaten people with lawsuits, sweetheart. Start with understanding the difference between slander and libel. Look into this guy's Record in New York, & stop wagging your finger at strangers on blogs!

  44. Taryn Thoman First off, I'm not your sweetheart. You're definitely not my type. Secondly, YOU may want to look into acquiring some reading comprehension skills, as I did not threaten anyone. I simply stated a fact. And to clarify, I consider defamation to be defamation regardless of whether it's libel or slander. Last, I am not the one accusing this man of having charges against him in New York. If you have some actual knowledge of this, please publish the link and prove me wrong. If not, perhaps YOU should stop wagging your finger at strangers on blogs.

  45. The recidivism rate for sex offenders with crimes against children is quite high. While he may have "paid his debt to society", I'm sure his victims and their families feel he still had a pretty high debt to settle. Level THREE offenders cannot be reformed. They are classified as such for a reason.

  46. Erin Kelly-Cody Nice try what? You jumped down my throat after you read my post wrong. A simply, "I'm sorry" would have done… How did my comment imply that transgender people are pedophiles? Tell us how. This whole thread is about the bus guy. You're barking at your own shadow and you're embarrassed… Above all else, do you really think I'd be backtracking if I WAS being prejudice just because YOU spoke up? Please.

  47. Kelly Arrighi Casey, you are a fake profile. Slander is for spoken words, libel is for written words. Shame you don't even know the difference. Go away now, troll.

  48. I am not embarrassed about anything I don't owe you an apology about anything you mentioned transgenders you use the word tranny but you weren't talking about the sex offender he's not a tranny his victims weren't trannies so no one owns you any apologies

  49. no obviously you wouldn't be backtracking if you are prejudiced since you're not backtracking that is. you made a lame little kind of gay joke and you can't admit it because you're a little kid whatever.

  50. Erin Kelly-Cody I didn't mention transgenders OR use the word Tranny, HAHAHAHA You have swung and missed with every comment so far. Just stop. I'm a GLBT allie. I vote for equal rights. I live in a liberal state. Please get off your high horse and stop trying to paint me with a dirty brush. I made a joke that insulted absolutely nobody and you're going to have to get over that.

  51. level 3 means they will do it again.what would you say teresa if it was you.i really do not know why they are out on the street

  52. Terese Pacensa I have been saying this all day. My point in all of this is don't hate the guy because our broken system let this man out on the streets, but hate the broken system. Should the man be out on the streets? No probably not, but it isn't his fault he was tossed out of the system, he is here now and instead of a lynch mob pushing him further into hiding, causing him to go off radar and probably re-offend…. people should be calling their city council members and local politicians to ask them what is being done to fix this mess.

  53. Erin Kelly-Cody Deny what? Anybody else care to chime in? I've told you I'm a PROUD supporter of GLBT rights. Would I say that if I had some hidden agenda? Maybe it time you step away for a moment. It's ok to admit you were wrong. I won't sit here and let you call me something I'm not. I was bringing some levity to a very serious conversation. Maybe you ought to look at some of the other comments around here. Nobody has come to your defense or patted you on the back. You're alone in your wild assumptions about me so I think it's time to put this one to rest. Deal?

  54. In response to taking away the "Rape Bus", it doesn't matter what an offender drives to commit a crime. Would it be better for him to drive an everyday vehicle and blend in among everyone else? I say he should have to drive that bus because it stands out and he can be better watched. Just my opinion of course.

  55. I am sorry to tell you this, but it has been proven sex offenders can Never, Ever be reformed! This guy has No right to privacy!! He needs to be locked up. The fact he is riding around in a bus is enticement of children. No he lost his rights the minute he touched a child. I don't care what the law says. He is a sick person and should never see the light of day. Just because he served his sentence does not mean he is cured

  56. There are no cures for sex offenders!! Stop being delusional! This guy will never change! He only served his time! Does not mean he won't offend again! It is a high probability he will! Very, dangerous! He should be locked up just for driving around in a bus!

  57. I am not making wild assumptions I haven't accused you or called you any names, you have implied thst I have. I state the comment was and still is NOT funny and inappropriate. You took that to another level. Your the one who brought up the word offended, prejudice, how much you "support" gays etc…yet you still can't admit thst levity or not a tranny joke in a discussion about a level 3 pedophile is inappropriate. THAT is my only point. You're blowing this way out. I am done. Go to bed kid.

  58. Thats a terrible thing to say. Do onto others as you would want them to do to you. You are not the Judge and Jury, you are not G-D. You have no right to condemn someone because you read a story and know nothing more about the situation.
    Please take a moment to reflect something positive. Its contagious <3

  59. he is in Plymouth again…all day yesterday, now he is at EAST bay grille/town pier!
    I feel better after talking to my childs school (aware and NOT happy) and Ply Police/Kingston/Carver Police are aware hes around.

  60. Kelly Arrighi Casey Seriously if you got caught for urinating in public once you wouldn't keep doing it. He is exposing himself and when he gets caught he says he was just peeing. That's why it is illegal. Just a thought…use a bathroom.

  61. You do know sex offenders have more rights than a normal person and if you antagonize people to do stuff to him like you are they will be the ones in trouble and not him. This is te stupidest "website" I've ever come across and I hope someone does something to this creep and the blames put on you. You're an idiot.

  62. There is something called a civil "jail". It is for offenders that are found to still be a danger to themselves or others. In jail, you go through a long process of group meetings, therapy and evaluation.
    If he is released into society, it means the board was satisfied with his process. And there's no BSing them, they see right through it.
    The ONLY entity that KNOWS is God! Maybe this bus is all he can get right now?

  63. Nickole, you know nothing about this guy except what is shown to us. I personally don't find that enough to pass judgement on someone. It's a very one sided. I always look for the best in people.

  64. Kelly Arrighi Casey I am a good Christian woman but I am a strong believer in human behavior and inhuman behavior. Before I say anymore I have never met someone who defends these creatures. It is a very sad thing that the majority of sex offenders have themselves been molested but it does not excuse them from offending themselves. You think some kind of sympathy should be extended to them, I think they should in ALL cases be given a lethal injection. I am hoping you do not have children as it seems you would take the side of the offender.

  65. Sharon Hartz i dont believe anyone is "Defending" them at all. but as human being people make mistakes. For Example, I worked for a man who while drunk driving hit and killed a man crossing the street in broad daylight and still to this day is not an ounce remourseful. This man that i worked for did less than a year in jail and is out and running a bar now. He KILLED a man. Yet people still treat him with respect. all in all the man is still human, and if he did his time, was let out of our corrupt judicial system back into society, he should be allowed to live his misrable life without the million moms squad ridding his ass for some mistakes he went to jail for and has undergone years of psyciatirc treatment for. if you feel so strongly about the fact that he is out and about, then call your fucking state rep and see whats being done to correct the loopholes in out judicial system before joining the lynch mob. its pathetic and extremly un-christian. wishing death apon anyone is a sin. i hope on your judgement day the lord shows you as much sympathy as you show your fellow man.

  66. I see both sides of this thread , I really do….. But Chad I have a daughter with CP and she is basically non verbal. Howler she is only 8 years old and try's the best she can to let us know her wants or needs. I'm sure you didn't mean the I don't speak retard comment in a mean way…. It is just a very hurtful thing to say…

  67. He was spotted at ocean state job lot yesterday in plymoutht then on 7 hills road in Plymouth also.ppl have spotted him along the waterfront and near exit 9 in kingston

  68. Terese Pacensa I agree…wonder how many posts would vanish if everyone who ever cheated on someone where giving a record also…the guy spent his time in jail and he cant even live homeless in peace without a mob of morons stalking him down like judge jury and executioner posting his photo all over the place if they need such a huge warning to keep away from a white school buss all closed up then there the ones who need to be mentally examined as well

  69. I'm still actually trying to figure out how people are internet brawling over a level 3 s.o. parking a carnival colored bus around places where kids tend to hang out.
    Instead of trying to come up with the 'best' comments or defending this 'poor, damaged' man (good f'n gawd), why not just make sure your kids know about this bus and keep 'em the hell away from it.

  70. This guy is a monster for what he's done, but now all you're doing painting a big target on him. Telling people to be weary, and careful around this bus is all well and nice but spilling all that info about him is only going to cause problems because all you're doing is bringing attention to him.

  71. It doesn't say anywhere that he touched a child. He exposed himself in public. Not saying that is appropriate or acceptable, but chances are that you have much worse level 3's living in your own neighborhood.

  72. WHY can't you go into detail? That seems absurd. Of course you can go into detail. You bring up new details but refuse to share them? Sorry, but as much of a turd as this guy appears to be, this is just hype and fear-mongering. Reporting, which is what you are doing, IS IN THE DETAILS!

    It has come to our attention? How about ditching the cryptic garbage and saying where you got your facts and what they are? THIS would be helpful, not making crap up to scare people and draw attention to yourself.

    If there are facts about this guy, then state them. Then at least the lynch mob can have some validation. If this guy is the filth so many are piling on and saying he is, then let karma work it's magic and as has been stated, steer clear of him.

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