The Question About This Cape Cod Ashtray On Ebay – Does The Cig Come With It?

cape cod ebay

OK who’s it gonna be? Who can’t live without a Cape Cod ashtray? I was 2 seconds away from buying it, but I emailed the seller and the Parliament cig doesn’t come with it so I’m out. I know it’s weird for one cigarette to be a deal breaker but I don’t have a female ID to buy them at the store and I love that little hole in the end of them, it’s like drinking tobacco smoke through a straw.

The amazing part is that this Cape Cod ashtray is that it is an antique, vintage and new. Now, I have no idea what kind of wizardry is involved in making something new and antique at the same time but it HAS to be worth the $16.15 right? And that’s buy it now pricing folks. You can rest assured that if this thing went to open auction you’d be looking at $16.17, maybe $16.16 minimum.

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