There Will Be No Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Mashpee

dispensary – Plans for a medical marijuana dispensary in the Town of Mashpee were quashed last week when the state rejected all three of US Representative William D. Delahunt’s proposed locations.

According to a letter to Mr. Delahunt’s nonprofit organization, Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts, from Karen van Unen, the executive director of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services’ Medical Use of Marijuana Program, the organization was denied a license to operate its dispensaries due to plans to use 25 percent of its revenue to reimburse a management company called Triple M , which has invested in MMM, as well as “incorrect representations in its application regarding local support.”

“Specifically, the Phase 2 Application states: ‘In an effort to obtain assurances of support or non-oppositions from Plymouth for the company to operate a Cultivation Facility and a Dispensary, the company met with the following individuals…State Senate President Therese Murray…’ In the investigative interview, Mr. Delahunt admitted that his meeting with Therese Murray was simply informative and no request was made for her support,” Ms. van Unen wrote.

Mr. Delahunt released this written statement upon receiving news of the rejection:

“We worked very hard to get this right at every turn, legally and ethically, so we’re obviously surprised and disappointed. But frankly, I’m also perplexed, because the corporate structure cited as the main reason for our denial is the same one that was in place when we were rated number one among applicants in the last round and received the Department’s green light to proceed.  I’m hoping that setting record straight will change the eventual outcome. Regardless of whether it does, I respect the process and take it very seriously. So my team and I are going to spend the next few days going through every line of the decision, with the intention of providing clarifications of any findings that warrant them and to weigh our options going forward.”

During the application process, he added, “Mashpee in particular seems to have really touched Delahunt. The people of Mashpee and the officials of Mashpee were not only accepting, they were welcoming.”

I guess today is ‘political bullshit screwing over regular people day’ here on The Real Cape. Anyone who has been following this story can read between the lines pretty easy here. Delahunt, a former politician who was vocally ANTI MARIJUANA, uses his political connections to get permits to attain medical marijuana dispensary permits. When his political adversaries find out how much money he stands to make and how the whole process was a farce, they decide to block him at the last minute.

So now a Mashpee dispensary, something voters passed in a LANDSLIDE a year and a half ago, and was approved by the BOH with flying colors, will not happen. So once again as politicians avenge private and public vendetta’s against each other and engage in pissing contests, average people who voted 67% in favor of medical marijuana get fucked over. Meanwhile, all the other dispensaries that were awarded to people who actually have a history of helping others through marijuana are all on schedule.

What a shocker that the Mashpee permit that was given to a politician with zero cares about marijuana actually helping sick people is locked in a quagmire. For those of you keeping score at home, we now stand at Government Bureaucracy 8,237,903 – Regular People – 7

P.S. Please don’t send us emails about your political views on marijuana, the point isn’t that we are for or against it, the point is that the people voted for it and this is a democracy (supposedly)

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  1. loves Cape Cod and we suggest following Southern California's lead, and starting dispensaries regardless of local bylaws. Expect the raids, but rack in the cash for good legal representation. Great website!

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