Sandwich High School Lip Dub Video

Another sign of the times. I guess Cape kids just don’t drink in the woods any more. These are school kids so there is no way I’m going to make fun of them for lip syncing, that would just be mean. If it’s good enough for Beyonce at a presidential inauguration, I guess it’s good enough for me. Cool video guys.


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  1. I respect the talent and creativity that went into this video. They put a lot into it and completely pulled it off…

    But Id hope they shut the cameras off to do normal teenage shit like drinking, smoking and being general fuckups once
    the camera was turned off. This is a little too sugary and wholesome for my tastes.

    You wont make fun of these guys, but I will…What a bunch of fucking nerds. Maybe its a generational thing, but when I was that age school spirt was for squares man.

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