Huge Great White Shark Spotted In Cape Cod Bay – VIDEO


Well it looks like my irrational fear of sharks isn’t so irrational after all. For those of you new to this site I’ve documented this growing fear here, here, and here. We’ve learned in those posts that there are hundreds of millions of sharks, that they live 50 years longer than we ever thought and have old man strength, and that sometimes they walk right onto land.

We also know that there are enough seals around the Cape at this point to create an all you can eat buffet for Great Whites. When you combine all of these things together there is only one logical conclusion. SWIMMING POOLS.

Here is the video, now who wants to go for a swim?

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  1. Falling coconuts and vending machines kill more people per year than sharks. Irrational fear, indeed.

  2. Why is everyone freaking out? It's a shark, it's the ocean, this area is overrun with their food (seals). Surfers out west regularly come into contact with them…just another day on the coast. Don't wear a wetsuit so that you look like a seal and you should be just fine.

  3. In the USA less than one person per year gets killed by a shark. in contrast, 20 are killed by cows, and 53 by bees. I saw a cow earlier today and heard a bee buzzing (cue Jaws music).

  4. Sandwich Basin… more than likely came through Cape cod Canal… like everything else does on Cape

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