This Quote From The National Seashore Is Why We Rant About Plovers So Much

plover cape

So I was reading an article about Plovers this morning and telling myself that I won’t write about them today. Many people think we rant about them too often, so I was going to let this one go without a peep. Then I came upon a quote from Mary Hake, the resource management specialist at the National Seashore and immediately knew I could not keep my trap shut.

This quote is exactly why we need to keep ranting about this until we change the culture. We are told that all of these beach closures, regulations, and the shutting down of practically the entire Cape to ORV’s, are due to an effort to RESTORE the Plover population. This is not the case. They know that these regulations will NEVER work. This is going to go on forever. Look at this quote…

“Unless people stop coming to the beach, this is a species that will always need active management,” said Hake. “It is hoped it will be attained though management that provides as much visitor use as possible while still protecting the species.” – Mary Hake (Resource Management Specialist, National Seashore

Either we stop going to the beach or they will always need management. We are not trying to fix them, we are putting a permanent band aid on them. The Plovers on Cape Cod are terminal. Terry Schiavo shit. It’s time to pull the plug. Let them thrive in the other places on earth that they survive in just fine, and let us…

  • walk
  • kayak
  • fish
  • surf
  • drive
  • kitesurf

on Cape Cod again. Living on Cape Cod and not being able to use the beach is like living in Vermont and not being allowed to ski. Even their crunchy, Subaru driving asses wouldn’t even contemplate shutting down a mountain.


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