Study Says 58 Out of 130 Shark Attacks Are Provoked… Wait, What?

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Source – There has been an increase in the amount of shark attacks in the United States during the last decade, with a large number of these incidents occurring along the Atlantic coast.

According to the International Shark Attack File, we have seen a drastic increase in the amount of reported shark attacks since 1900, with each decade having more attacks than the previous one. In 2014, out of 130 incidents of alleged shark-human interactions worldwide, 72 of these incidents represented confirmed cases of unprovoked shark attacks on humans.

Ummm… is 72 out of 130 shark attacks being unprovoked supposed to be a high number? Because I would have guessed that 130 out of 130 were unprovoked. What’s weird to me is that 58 of them WERE provoked. What the hell is going on out there? Are people banging sharks girlfriends and talking shit about their mothers or something? What kind of lunatic provokes a shark?

I might actually have to stop being afraid of these killing machines now. My fear is based on the fact that all shark attacks are totally random. That they could happen at any time for no reason at all. The fact that so many of them are provoked kind of puts things in a new perspective. Maybe it’s not the sharks fault after all. I didn’t realize they were attacking people because they owe them money and shit.

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