Insane Tony’s Local Music Hour – Video Of The Bulife And Ceej At The Beach House


I have given you a review of what was our first sponsored concert, and now where is video footage of it. This is the event as seen through the eyes of the guys of The BuLife. Thanks once again to The BuLife, Mighty Ceej, and The Beach House. and keep your eyes open for a summer full of music brought to you by us here at The Real Cape.

Also make sure to check out Bulife at The Velvet Lounge in Provincetown on May 3rd

P.S. If you weren’t there you also missed an amazing cameo by OG from Unda The Influence!


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Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – Toussaint and Dub Apocalypse


If you take Mr. Nice Guy, Scarface and Brian from the movie Half Baked and put the three of them in a mixing bowl and mix on high for 2 minutes what would you get? The answer is Dub Apocalypse & Toussaint the Liberator. Dub has been a regular visitor to the Cape in all four seasons for the last few years. Toussaint is one of those musicians that seems to have collaborated with what seems like every band in the world.

Dub Apocalypse is based out of Beantown and is an all star and ever evolving cast of some of Bostons best musicians. Led by drummer Tommy Benedetti (John Browns Body) and Johnny Trama (Nate Wilson Group) on guitar, they play an impressive array of original dub reggae instrumentals, with wild improvisation and Benedetti’s dirty break beats, this band never disappoints. The band is often joined by Benedetti’s band mate in John Browns Body Nate Edgar on bass. The ultra talented, legendary ladies man Timo Shanko (G-Love) is another key member of the band. Whether he is filling in for Edgar on bass or joining him on Saxophone, Shanko’s stage presence is undeniable. Aaron Bellamy (Nephrok! All-stars) is another pro on the bass who moonlights for the band from time to time.

Toussaint’s vocal versatility will captivate any unsuspecting listener and deliver his proud message straight to the heart. Toussaint is a dynamic independent artist with a powerful voice, a serious message, and undeniable talent. Whether performing on stage or working with youth groups, Toussaint is steady in his mission to build a community of music lovers ready for change. In 2006, after five years of making a name for himself and carving out his niche in the Boston, Massachusetts music scene, Toussaint joined forces with the band Soulive. On 4/20/12 he released “Where I Lead” and it is a throwback analog reggae album produced jointly between I Dwell and Gatorwood Productions. It features cameos from reggae legends Mikey General and Kulcha Knox Dixon. And in a different vein “Dear Mama Earth”, a modernly smooth soul-reggae sound with an environmental message created with young powerhouse producer Brian McKenna from NYC was also released in 2012.

If you want your reggae booty to get movin head to The Beach House in North Falmouth on Saturday 4/5. If you have a friend with their medical card be sure to call him/her up and see if their irie ass needs a ride.

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Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – Cam

Cam – Arrow Music (Produced by Legacy) from Stephen C. Atkinson on Vimeo.

Cam is one of the rising rappers coming up here on the Cape. He has just released his new video for the song Arrow Music. The song was produced by local producer Legacy. Video by The Real Cape’s own Stone Cold Steve Atkinson. That’s right The Real Cape family is everywhere you look.


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Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – Andrew Lowenstein

When you are called the God Father of anything it pretty much means you’re a boss. Andrew Lowenstein is known here on Cape Cod as the Godfather of the jam scene. So all you young aspiring jam bands here on the Cape better get your work permit from the boss. Andrew’s all about the music whether it be playing in one of his numerous bands, or doing the solo thing.

Most interviews I conduct for this section are through email or other technological avenues. Andrew’s was amazingly different, I used this device called a phone. For those of you that don’t look up from your screen, the phone is a device that allows you to actually talk and listen to another person without typing. I know ludicrous …right.

Back to the boss. Andrew tried out the vagabond rock and roll lifestyle for a bit but ended up back where his heart is… good ol’ Cape Cod. Before settling down he traveled the world and toured the U.S with many different bands. He spent time in Oregon, Key West, Florida, Colorado, Lake Tahoe, California – always chasing the dream.

Now settled back on the right side of the bridges, the list of venues that he has played reads like a where’s where of Cape Cod. Those venues include The Willow Field Tavern, Quahog Republic, The Hunt Club, Joe’s Twin Villa, The Pilot House, Mashnee Island, and The Beach House to name a few. Some of the Bands that he has been involved in are The Triclones, Who’s Your Daddy, Slow Children, Better off Dead, and my favorite The Whitey Tighties.

Many of the band mates that he has played with all hail from or live in the same general area. He refers to them as the Gypsy’s of North Falmouth. He has been on the live music scene for so long , it’s his turn to be “The old guy”. When I asked what he thought of the current music scene here on the cape he said that it was “Inspiring”. He also made it very clear the new age has to put in the work off the Cape, as well as here on the mother land.

So young musicians, listen to your godfather, put in the work, and bust your ass.

You can catch Andrew playing tonight and every Thursdays at The Beach House from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. (Old guy musician hours).


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Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – Breaking News! Bulife And Ceej At The Beach House


The day has arrived! We here at the Real Cape are excited to announce our first musical promotion. After months of negotiations and hundreds of pints of beer we will finally throw our first sanctioned shindig.

Our homeboys from the tip of the map, The Bulife will make their first appearance here on the upper cape. On their way to Fal-town the Cape hip hop train will also scoop up Mighty Ceej from Hy-town.

The destination for the train will be The Beach House in North Falmouth. Be sure to mark March 14th down on your calender as a do not miss party. It will also be the day Cape historians look back and say “March 14th in the year of our lord 2014… The Real Cape changed the game.”

Editor’s note: The Bulife guys have been Real Cape since day one. We’ve featured them on this site more than once because they are insanely talented. This show is our way of getting real deal homegrown artists out there to people who care about good music. We’ve been working on this for a while and it will be an absolute can’t miss show. Like Tony said we are aiming to change the game on Cape Cod, make sure you are there for the first roll of the dice.

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Insane Tony’s Lunch Hour – Support Cape Open Mic Nights From House of Bud’s To J.R. Brody’s

mic smoke

Back when I was a 21 year old semi-sane Tony, I remember some some of the best nights out were going to open mic nights. Now as a more experienced Insane Tony it seems that the open mic nights are fading away. For you un-fun, not going out to see live music people that don’t know what open mic night is let me break it down for ya.

These nights devoted to open mic have a wide range of musical talent from acoustic guitar singer/songwriters to hip hop acts. Then throw in some guitar ripping metal, a dash of poetry and maybe a stand up comedian. It’s like iTunes puked all over the place holding a microphone. That was the thing I loved the most about these nights, you would get a taste of every genre. Also it would bring out a wide range of people that were all there to support the local talent. It also gave me an opportunity to see artists I usually wouldn’t go out to see. The other highlight of these nights are when the artists collaborate with one another.

I know some will say “Tony you big fat dummy it’s winter time on the Cape.” After years of research about winters here I have come to the conclusion that you can in fact still have fun. Although the open mic nights seem to be dying off, I know for a fact that Joe’s in Orleans, House of Bud’s in Hy-town and J.R. Brody’s and Grumpy’s Pub in Fal-town are resurrecting this boner-riffic night. So I am putting every spot with an entertainment license on notice, do yourself and the local talent in your area a favor and help bring the open mic night back to life.

See this is the type of collaboration I’m talking about. Acoustic hip-hop? Yes please.


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Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – Mighty Ceej – 1-800-Hustler (Music Video)

Mighty Ceej recently put this video out there and it is definitely a banger. The video was directed by Early Adopted and the song is from Ceej’s album “StereoFame” that he recorded in LA at the Killingsworth Recording Company with producer Tomas Costanza.

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