Insane Tony’s Local Hip Hop Friday – Phaze Dass


A table full of empty Busch bottles and cigar guts, no this is not Hippies creative writing room. This is where shit gets done. I had the opportunity to stop by “The Dungeon” and sit in and listen to one of the Capes unique hip hoppers Phaze Dass. Phaze is one third of the group and hip hop brand One Life. Phaze is the farthest thing from your prototypical “rapper”. Joey Linnane is his birth given name.

With the help of producer/beatologist Legacy, Phaze is finishing up a solo album. Rapping since 2005, Phaze has a passion and fire for hip hop that is very apparent in his songs. Major influences of his include Kurt Cobain, 2Pac, Nas, Eminem, and Mick Jagger. That just gives ya a taste of his diverse rap lyrics. He has opened up for such legends as Raekwon from Wu Tang and Boston hip hop legend Ackrobatik.

This local talent is all about keeping the Cape hop scene alive. “We just need more venues to perform at” Phaze told me. So local music venues just to let you know the talent is out here, they just need a stage. Phaze and the One Life crew are performing tonight @ Club NVy (located behind the Falmouth Inn). This is Valentines Bash with 5 local hip hop acts and hosted by Professa Dank. This is am 18+ show with I.D. So all you youngins that have no romantical plans get on over and check out Phaze, the One Life crew and the other local talent.


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Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – The Melody Tent Is Up For A Country Music Award


The Cape Cod Melody Tent has been nominated for Small Venue of the Year by The Academy of Country Music Awards. The awards ceremony is April 6th at The Mandalay Bay Events Center in lovely city of Las Vegas. Hosted by Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan, and performances by the top names in Country music. The Tent is up against some heavy hitters in the big world of small venues, such as Boston’s House of Blues; American Music Theatre of Lancaster, Pa.; Georgia Theatre of Athens, Ga.; and the Moody Theater of Austin, Texas. I think the Tent is a 12 point underdog last time I checked. Let’s just say the Tent are the ’01 Patriots and the others are the ’01 Rams. Can you say upset city.

I am not gonna sit here and act like I know a damn  thing about today’s country music. Give me Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings any day over,over,over, ya I got no names off the top of my head of todays country stars. Good thing this isn’t an article about country music. This is about our live music gem snuggled on the streets on Hy-Town.

I have seen many shows at this hot spot. From Ziggy Marley to Buddy Guy, and of course the Beach Boys the shows here are intimate and not a bad seat in the house. They cover all the bases at this joint,  from music to wrestling and boxing and throw in kid’s plays and Chowda contest, they do it all.  We are so lucky to have this nominated place in our backyard, you need to take advantage.

Tabbed as Country Music’s party of the year, we here are wondering if our passes got lost in the mail? Not sure if The ACMA knows if they really want to have the party of the year, you need The Real Cape there. Also I hope The Melody tent is listening, The Real Cape+The Cape Cod Melody Tent= Pure Party Time.  So GOOD LUCK to the Tent, bring home some more hardware for The Mother Land.

Editors note: Never heard of Umphrey’s McGee? Look them up right now.

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Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – The Cape Cod Music Hall Of Fame


Ya this does’t exist yet, but while I have your attention, let me lay something on you. My articles aren’t the most popular here on our site, and I get it not everyone loves music as I do. My articles aren’t as edgy as Hippie Face’s posts, I know this. I am here to shed light on the shit ton of talent here on the Cape. These musicians I spotlight bust their asses year round to do what they love. Very few of them make enough cash from playing to support themselves or their families if they have them. I would say 99% of them have REAL jobs and then play a few nights a week, because they truly LOVE playing live music.

The live music scene here on Cape runs deep in numbers. Being a vacation destination these musicians are out sometimes up to 5 nights a week. I am not asking you to feel bad for these people at all. They have chosen the rock and roll lifestyle to live. Just think if how bad it would suck if on a Tuesday night in the summer you got the dancing bug, or as most of us do the drinking bug, and you go out to your favorite watering hole and you are forced to sit there and listen to the poor bastard sitting next to you bitch about his/her problems. But thanks to our fellow local musicians, you can drown out the whining coming from the bar stool next to you and continue with your life.

So in summary of my little rant here, I am just asking you to give the artists I write about a chance and give them a listen. You never know when you could find some new music to boogie to. Remember to also get out and see and support live local music.

In addition anyone with a cool million or so in cold hard cash that wants to fund a Cape Cod Music Hall of Fame, you know how to get a hold of me. Help make this a reality.

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Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – No Place Special House Concerts


We all know that even on Friday’s it can be a drag finding something meaningful to do on The Cape in the winter. Well this Friday you could go to your same usual spot, or you can enjoy some live local music and donate to a wonderful cause. The place I am talking about is known as “No Place Special” in Mashpee.

The owners Rick and Sue Furlani have been a staple on the live music scene here on Cape Cod since before the casino was on the fun police radar. For years you would see them with their two daughters Elizabeth and Emily. A few years ago the two girls passed and became Rick and Sue’s angels and they hold these concerts in hopes of turning NPS into a retreat center for families and caregivers of terminal children.

So get off your ass and make it over to the ‘Shpee to support these two music loving dance machines. The esteemed John Beninghof, Daniel Byrnes , and Christian McNeill will be there rocking the house.

Visit the No Place Special Facebook Page

P.S If you need anymore convincing watch this Video. Get out and see and support live music!

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Insane Tony’s Hip Hop Friday – Chris Hayes

chris hayes

Editors Note: Nobody is a bigger victim of The Cape Cod fun police than the local hip hop community so we are dedicated to giving hip hop artists the exposure they deserve. If you know of an artist that warrants some attention email Insane Tony at [email protected]

It’s hip hop Friday here again at The Real Cape headquarters. You always hear musicians saying if you want to make it you gotta hustle. This is exactly what Chris Hayes is all about. Chris is a rapper from Hyannis that just came out with his debut album “Alone In The Crowd.” This is a 14 track album of original music, without one guest musician. You can listen to the album here .

Chris is a busy show promoter as well. He puts together Over The Bridge, a hip hop showcase here on The Cape. Since the first Over The Bridge, over 5,000 hip hop fans have attended this event. The First on was in August of 2009 , when 500+ fans showed up to support local hip hop. The show is hosted by D.J Ryze and produced by Chris Hayes. Over 100 artists have performed at OTB. Keep supporting local music.

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Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – OTM Shank And Pipeline Riot



3 brothers , 2 bands, 1 place. That’s what your gonna get Friday night at The Beach House. Otm Shank and Pipeline Riot come togther to party down and melt faces. Justin and Evan Sawyer team up with Mikey Pinho to form Otm Shank. These born and raised Cape Codders have been rocking the cape live music scene  for over 6 years creating a loyal fan base.

Justin and Evan’s brother Brendan Sawyer brings Boston based Pipeline Riot down to invade The Cape. These guys have rocked all over Beantown and even the gamblers paradise Foxwoods. Not too often you get a trio of brothers on stage in the same night. So get on down to the Beach House tommorrow night and support these rockin’ bands. Don’t forget your non-face melting medicine, and get out and see live music.

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Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – Dukes County Love Affair


Jaws, The Black Dog, and The Chili fest. These are just a few names that people associate with Martha’s Vineyard. The band Dukes County Love Affair (DCLA) is throwing their weight around to be mentioned in that category as well.

DCLA is out touring in support of their latest album “High Sky”. The tour entitled “The Give Love Tour” Is all about giving back. The guys have decided that part of the proceeds from each show on the tour will be donated to a local organization. They have picked one that supports community growth and sustainability.

These Vineyarders have embraced the work all day and party all night summers, and the cold dark stormy isolated winters, that come with living year round on the island. DCLA has invaded the mainland with their high energy rock-hop over the last three years. From The Vineyard to Boston to Buenos Aries, these guys have quickly becoming a must see live show. Having so much success in the last few years has given them the chance to share the stage with such bands as G-Love, The McLovins, Deer Tick, and Badfish.

The new album that I just listened to is making its way into heavy play on my music playing system. A personal favorite off of “High Sky” is “Local Scum”. I feel it embodies what it’s like living full time on The Island. Plus the name makes me feel all warm inside.

DCLA smuggled themselves off the island last friday embarking on a 13 show northeast tour.  It all began at The Beach House in North Falmouth, with their good friends The Crooked Coast. Then Saturday they moved on to the big city of Hyannis with Black and Mild at The Compound. Be sure to check out their website to see when the DCLA train is pulling into your hood.

dukes county love affair

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