Meghan Trainor Already Sold Her Soul In The Form Of A Diaper Commercial

OMG! I can’t even! My life is over. A diaper commercial? A DIAPER COMMERCIAL!? How am I supposed to rock out in my underwear to All About That Bass dreaming of bountiful bootys now? We had it all Meghan, I was a Megatron 4 life and now everything is ruined, EVERYTHING!

Yeah, I know, times have changed and everything is commercialized now, but diapers? That’s an all time, grade A, level 5 boner killer. Might as well buy a one way ticket on Dude Guy’s Diddle Bus. I’d have taken Playtex granny girdles in a heartbeat over diapers.


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  1. I hope tongue in cheek, but holy Judgy McJudgerson. To paraphrase Maynard: I sold out long before you ever heard this song.

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