East Sandwich Couple Pissed About The Volume Of The Train Horn

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Capenews.net – There are loud train horns—and then there are really loud train horns.

Margo J. and Vincent J. Mancinelli contend that the Mass Coastal Railroad trains that pass near their house on Great Island Road in East Sandwich are blowing the latter kind.

But P. Christopher Podgurski, president and chief executive officer of Mass Coastal, holds that his railroad’s locomotives are blowing the proper volume of horn as they approach and then cross over grade crossings in the East Sandwich area.

The dispute rose to public attention last month when Ms. Mancinelli came before the Sandwich Board of Selectmen to discuss the matter during public comment.

In the seven years that she and her husband have lived near the railroad in East Sandwich, Ms. Mancinelli said, the volume of Mass Coastal traffic on the line has risen by 200 to 300 percent.

In all fairness to the Mancinelli’s it’s not like they had any way of knowing that they would have to deal with train noise when they bought their house. I mean way back in 2007 nobody could have possibly predicted that someone would invent a time machine, go back to the year EIGHTEEN FORTY EIGHT, and build railroad tracks in their neighborhood.

Seriously what is wrong with people? Oh you don’t like the sound of train horns? Well here is a little piece of advice free of charge. Don’t buy a house next to train tracks that have been there for over a hun-dred and six-ty fuh-king years. This would be like buying a ticket to a concert and then asking them to turn down the volume. Umm… sorry guys but this is where we do the music and East Sandwich is where we do the trains OK? .

Someone needs to tell these people that despite what they might think, they aren’t more important than every other thing on earth.

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