Provincetown Marijuana Doctor Threatens To Murder Everyone

med card – A doctor associated with issuing medical marijuana certificates on the Cape was arrested in his home for disturbing the peace, a civil rights violation, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and threatening to commit murder.

At around 11:30 p.m. May 26, Dr. Walter Richter’s neighbor called the police to report that Richter had been yelling obscenities and threats at him, according to records in Orleans District Court.

The neighbor told police Richter, 62, of 3 Upper Miller Hill Road, had been angry with their plans to use their barn as a place to host artistic events. Richter told the neighbor he wanted to shoot him in the head, records say. He also called the neighbor and his friends an anti-gay epithet and said, “I’m going to murder you all,” according to court records.

Richter has been a doctor for Canna Care Docs, which opened in March in South Dennis and issues medical marijuana certificates to patients wishing to use marijuana for pain, nausea and other conditions.

We are all thinking the same thing here right? That never, in the history of earth, has a doctor ever needed to prescribe himself some of his own medicine more than this guy. It is quite obvious that this dude needs to chill out and smoke a J.

Here’s the thing though, take the fact that this guy is a marijuana doctor out of the equation and we still have some major irony going on here. Walter, buddy, if you don’t like gay people or artistic events held in barns then you really shouldn’t be living in Provincetown. There’s a gay artist in a barn on pretty much every street in P-Town bro.

This article reminds me of the people that moved next door to the train tracks in Sandwich 160 years after they were built, and then complained to the town about the sound of the train whistle. If you don’t want to hear a train whistle, don’t move next to the train tracks. If you don’t like gay art barns don’t move to Provincetown, it’s not rocket science Dr. Richter.

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