Dennis Medical Marijuana Company Fires Doctor For Selling Weed To Patients

canna care – The owners of Canna Care Docs, a nationwide business that specializes in certifying patients for medical marijuana use, on Thursday fired Dr. Walter Richter for allegedly selling the drug to patients during their visits to the company’s South Dennis office.

Canna Care Docs isn’t making any statements about the situation, and Richter, 62, says he didn’t do anything wrong and was simply trying to help patients.

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Under state medical marijuana regulations, doctors can issue certificates to qualifying patients for medical marijuana but they can’t supply them with the drug.

Patients must grow their own marijuana for personal use or connect with a “caregiver” who can provide marijuana-based products, at least until state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries open.

In an interview with the Times on Sunday, Richter said the drugs he has been supplying to patients from the South Dennis office since May are a combination of Marinol, a prescription drug that contains synthetic THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana), and CBD (cannabidiol) from the industrial hemp plant, a cannabis plant with low levels of THC.

Yes! Nice work doc! Champion of the people! The state is acting like assholes and taking forever to institute a program that Massachusetts residents voted overwhelmingly for nearly two years ago? Take matters into your own hands and get the weed to the patients! You my friend get a a Capey award for acti… WAAAAIIIIT A MINUTE…

Did they just say he sold them fake weed?

Dude. What are you a Jamaican guy at Hempfest selling oregano to teenagers? These are medical patients, not band geeks ordering K2 out of the back of a High Times. What a dick. How much of a dick you ask? Well…

Turns out this is the same guy we wrote about a while back that was arrested for civil rights violations and threatening to commit murder because he yelled anti gay epithets at a bunch of gay artists and said he was going to murder all of them.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking this guy might not be the stereotypical, hippie, weed doctor we all know and love. Might be time for a career change Dr. Richter. Maybe staff doctor for the Hitler youth or something?

Provincetown Marijuana Doctor Threatens To Murder Everyone

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  1. Hey Hippie, just so you know… THC is merely the psychoreactive ingredient in marijuana. It's primary function in healthcare is much like the real primary function of the opiate in pain medication and that is to sort of make you care less about the pain by filling in pleasure receptors in the brain. The Marinol is a pill form of THC. The other medication that Dr. Richter was giving to his patients was Cannibidiol, which while it doesn't get you high, it is the "ingredient" so to speak in marijuana that provides the numerous health benefits to so many debilitating health conditions like MS and cerebral palsy. These medications are both in pill form.

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