Shark Attack Update – You’ll Never Guess What The Kayakers Were Doing


WCVB – The two women, in their 20s, were taking pictures of seals about 150 yards offshore in separate kayaks, when the great white bit one off the kayaks.  Both boats were  overturned in the attack.

The women, who were not injured, swam away, as did the shark.  A bystander called 911 and the women were rescued by the Plymouth Harbormaster.

Let me get this straight, these ladies were splashing around taking pictures of seals in their kayaks? You have to be kidding me! A kayak looks exactly like a seal from below, and the paddle is two perfect little fins! Where are these two chicks now? Roaming the Serengeti in wildebeest outfits?

I have literally made jokes about forcing tourists to kayak with the seals when I was thinking of the most ridiculous thing they could possibly do to get themselves eaten. Not in a million years did I think anyone would actually do it. I guess this sign doesn’t seem so stupid anymore… (from this post)

shark sign

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  1. People need to use common sense. I totally get wanting to be up-close-and-personal with nature, but then don't be surprised when nature acts as it should and tries to bite you.

  2. If this was an area know for great white attcks I'd agree these women were acting in a foohardy manner.

    HOWEVER Great white sightings are, up until the past month or so, extrememly rare in this part of the world, so its not surprising that locals wouldn't be particularly up to date in shark safety.

    The same way that perfectly intelligent people from Florida would face a learning curve when moving to a snowy enviornment, south shore residents now face a learning curve when it comes to shark safety. Hopefullly this incident will provoke an effort to enhancing public knowledge about shark risks and how to avoid them.

    There's no need to make a laughing stock of these two women for participating in an activity that has, up until now, been perfectly safe in these waters.

  3. where ever the food is (seals) there are sharks. common sense!! no learning curve needed, just a small amount of thought! a very small amount…….

  4. Hmmmmm, looking to take pictures of seals……hmmmmm, seals=shark food…….hmmmm you're in their dinner plate…..hmmmmm, you look like a seal form=you're shark food. A taste bite and gone, not an attack!!!!!! Please let's not push this hysteria!!!! Idiots to be there. No story here.

  5. I took the Monomoy Island Excursions tour last week and people were kayaking and swimming off South Beach in Chatham where it's posted not to swim because of sharks. I mean HELLO.

  6. You might also want to learn how to get back into a kayak once you fall out as well. Im sure the shark got out of there after it bit the kayak and realized it wasn't as chewy as expected.

  7. I am sorry. … but I have lived my whole life… yes 40 years in new England. Up until this month I have NEVER heard of Great Whites in the area… I kayak regularly, along with several friends. Apparently we are all ignorant for doing so. Climate changes are changing our waters so drastically we probably should be more careful, but these two ladies do not need to be laughed at because they were unaware. Apparently all of us new englander's are!!

  8. Unfortunately James, you don't have all your facts straight. There had been multiple shark sightings in the days prior to this attack including the DAY OF. It has also since be revealed that these girls had heard that a shark had eaten a seal near where they were "attacked" and were not taking pictures of seals, but actually LOOKING FOR THE SHARK. They found it…well more like it found them. So I say laugh on.

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