This Dude is Freaking Out About The Possibility of a Bathroom Bill In P-Town


CCT – I have two daughters and we occasionally visit Herring Cove Beach in beautiful Provincetown. If I object to people with penises showering in the open bathhouse at Herring Cove with them, I will be labeled evil, narrow-minded, racist, bigot and whatever labels the leftists can create.

This is completely wrong. And what boundaries do those in the elite left set for their daughters? Hopefully one is not showering in the company of strange men or a person with a penis.

Paul Shaw

Apparently this dude thinks democrats let their daughters shower with R. Kelly and Bill Cosby or something? which I’m pretty sure isn’t true? Any leftists care to clear that up?

But here’s the thing dude guy, You are the one letting your daughters wear their birthday suits in the public showers of P-Town. So maybe YOU might want to re-think YOUR parenting strategy as a whole. Maybe you need to make some fundamental changes starting from the ground up.

Also, if you think the company of strange men or people with penises is “completely wrong”? You might want to stop at the Truro line the next time you head down Cape, because it’s pretty much nothing but strange men and chicks with dicks from that point on my friend.

P.S. You have daughters… and dicks exist… Someday you will need to come to grips with that.

P.P.S. We crossed out his name in case some of his friends don’t know he has a “random flying dicks in the shower” phobia, we wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone.

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