The Girls Attacked By The Shark Heard It Ate A Seal Earlier And Went Looking For It

shark attack plymouth – The father of one of the two kayakers whose boats were overturned by a great white shark said the women paddled out hoping to see it.

A pleasant trip by two Massachusetts kayakers to check out some cute seals turned terrifying as the pair encountered a great white shark.

Randy Parker told the Old Colony Memorial newspaper that he expected the young women would recover fully, but that initially they were understandably traumatized.

He said he didn’t fault the two for their adventurousness, and acknowledged that they had paddled out to the rocks along Stage Point in Plymouth in the hope of seeing a great white shark.

“They heard from our neighbor that a great white had consumed a seal in one gulp in that area,” Parker said. “So they decided to head out on the chance they could get a good look at one.”

With a camera attached to Kristin’s kayak, the two women paddled 10 minutes from the Parkers’ home on Manomet Beach to an area off Stage Point.

This is unreal. We had a bunch of people telling us how mean we were after our post where we gave these girls shit for kayaking with the seals. The number one reason people said we should feel bad for them is that there aren’t usually sharks in that area so they couldn’t have known not to kayak near seals. Well once again, we were right, they should have known… and did.

Not only did they know  there were sharks around, but they heard that a Great White Shark had EATEN A SEAL earlier in the day and they set out to intentionally look for it and take pictures. You have got to be shitting me. How can you possibly feel bad for these girls after hearing this? They are the luckiest people on planet earth.

I’m sorry, but if you know there is a Great White Shark that has been feeding in the area, and you purposely kayak into the middle of a seal colony and splash around, you give up all rights to any sympathy when the shark tries to eat your ass. If you heard there was a serial killer at 7-11 would you strap on the GoPro and go get a Slurpee?

I was hesitant before, but now that this information has come to light, I think it’s officially time to give these two a Darwin Award. Congratulations ladies.

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  1. Unfortunately I don't believe they qualify for a Darwin Award as neither of them died in the act of their particular brand of stupidity, but your point is valid. Stupid is as stupid does.

  2. Hey I was with you. I think it's incredibly stupid to go kayaking around the seals, or specifically looking for a great white shark. I mean, HELLO! You get what you deserve. And they should pay for their rescue.

  3. Even if they hasn't heard there had been a Great White spotted in the area the fact that got in to kayaks and paddled out to a seal colony means they are so far beyond stupid!!! You have really got to be a special kind of idiot to not know sharks feed on seals. Even if a shark hasn't been spotted trust me they're there. These two are lucky the shark is smarter than them and he decided he didn't want fiberglass for dinner.

  4. I heard they went out the next day. Poor shark. all he wanted was a tasty morsel and he got kayak instead.

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