Fun Police Barricade Nauset Spit To Block Permitted Orleans Vehicles

This has been an ongoing feud between Eastham and Orleans. Apparently erosion and sand shifts have moved half of Nauset spit into Eastham which doesn’t allow over sand vehicle permits. The problem is that it used to be entirely in Orleans, which does allow driving on the beach. This didn’t happen overnight either, it’s been a long time but for some reason Eastham decided to enforce their bylaw now. So basically, people that have been driving on the spit their entire lives can no longer use the entire beach.

Orleans is not rolling over though, they are preparing to fight this battle in court. This should be an interesting one to watch. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a fight between an actual town and The Fun Police of another town unfold in real time. I promise you this, we will keep you informed on this one, buckle up and grab your internet driving permit, it may get a little bumpy soon.

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