Counterfeit Money Circulated In Orleans

counterfeit money

CCT – An Orleans merchant discovered on Sunday that they had taken a counterfeit $20 bill as payment Saturday night. According to a release from the Orleans Police Department the bill lacked a watermark, thread or a shadow image.

The serial number on the bogus bill was MB 46325080 B, according to Lt. Kevin Higgins. The Orleans Police Department maintains a master list of serials from counterfeit currency discovered in town. This most recent $20 bill has been added to that list.

Merchants are encouraged to look closely at bills they think may be counterfeit. On the “Know Your Money” page, the Secret Service suggests comparing a suspicious bill to a bill of the same denomination and series to identify differences.

What’s with all the fake shit these days? This morning we had a doctor selling fake weed, now we’ve got fake money circulating? There’s people with fake hair, fake boobs, fake handbags, fake sunglasses, fake jeans, fake jewelry, fake everything.

It was one thing when people were superficial with real stuff, but what the hell is the point of being superficial with fake stuff? Is that even being superficial anymore? I think we need a new term for people who are materialistic but only have fake crap, they don’t deserve to be called superficial. Let’s call them…


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