Edaville Railroad Is Getting $25M In Improvements


BizJournals – When we visited Edaville USA last month, the place was buzzing with activity — and not just from the tourists. Along the main entranceway into the theme park, sign after sign explained why we were seeing all this construction. There will be a “Thomas Land,” dedicated to the storybook train, for example, as well as a water park, a Dickens-themed village, a pirate ride and a princess area.

The father in front of me scanned the signs as he walked toward the ticket booth, and then turned to his wife to say: “You know, they were going to shut this place down for good a couple years ago.”

Not anymore. As evidenced by all the work happening at the Carver theme park these days, Edaville is here for the long haul. This is a credit to owner Jon Delli Priscoli, who tells me he’s pumping $25 million into the property over the course of several years for more rides and attractions. (Yes, there will be ticket increases coming as well, to coincide with the opening of Thomas Land next year.) But Delli Priscoli’s not just spending his money on the park. He’s also spending most of his time there, too… more

I don’t have any jokes for this. Just wanted to point out that not long ago Edaville was for sale and there was already a plan in place for a subdivision. Now, with a little bit of effort it is becoming an even bigger asset to the community than it’s ever been.

It turns out expanding fun places that give young people a place to go is a good idea… I’m looking at you Heritage Garden haters.

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