The Cape Cod Garbage Man Is A Must Follow On Twitter

garbage man

One of our great pleasures when we are searching Twitter for news on Cape Cod is reading tweets from @CapeCod_Gman. He is new to Twitter but by the looks of things it is shaping up to be a great source of entertainment. Yes that profile pic is real and it is spectacular, here is his bio:

The thoughts through the mind of a garbage man on Cape Cod and the things I find in the trash. **Thoughts and opinions do not reflect the company I work for**
Cape Cod

He’s only tweeted a handful of times but hopefully he keeps it up. Here are some gems he’s provided us with so far…









There is nothing more Real Cape than someone who does their job with a sense of humor. So thank you Cape Cod Garbage Man, please keep making us laugh. For all of you folks who don’t have a Twitter account, rest assured we will keep you informed of his comedic antics. For those that do have Twitter you can follow him here: @CapeCod_Gman


Facebook: The Real Cape
Twitter: Hippie - Insane Tony

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