Dude With Brady’s Helmet Tattooed On His Head Arrested With Fake Marijuana

brady helmet tattoo

Smoking Gun – A football fan with a Tom Brady helmet tattooed across his head is locked up in a Florida jail following his arrest on a narcotics charge.

St. Petersburg cops last month busted Victor Thompson, 46, for possession of Spice, the synthetic marijuana. Thompson allowed police to search his pockets after he was spotted trespassing outside a community center.

When questioned by police, Thompson said that he purchased the “Master Kush” Spice “from a black male for $15” at a downtown park, according to a police report. Thompson reportedly told cops that he did not know Spice was illegal in Florida, claiming that it was “still legal in New Hampshire,” his home state.

Yeah this happened in Florida. Where else could it possibly happen? I realize it’s out of my jurisdiction but I just couldn’t let it pass us by.

If you have those crazy eyes and that ridiculous tattoo, you can’t be caught with fake pot. Fake pot is for a kid on the JV hockey team to get caught with on the bus to an away game. You have to give that shit up as soon as you leave the tattoo parlor and head straight to a meth lab.

What the hell is gonna happen to this guy once his jail mates find out what he’s in for? All of that lunatic credibility he so carefully crafted just gone in an instant. If this article said he was caught with any class A substance I would have cleared my cookies, closed my laptop and stayed offline for 3 days. Once I read it was fake marijuana the guy didn’t scare me one bit, fake pot is for pussies, everyone knows that. Get your demented act together bro.

P.S. The Riddell logo below the hairline takes a psychotic tattoo and makes it 100 times more  maniacal.

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