The Fun Police Are Still Trying To Block Zip Lines At Heritage Gardens

heritage – Neighbors upset with an aerial adventure park planned for Heritage Museums & Gardens will take their fight to the Zoning Board of Appeals. On Friday, several neighbors appealed a decision by Building Inspector Paul Spiro to issue a building permit for the park, which would include zip lines and rope bridges on a 4-acre wooded parcel at Heritage.

Blair Haney, the town’s director of planning and economic development, said the appeal will be heard by the zoning board at a hearing tentatively scheduled for Oct. 28. The appeal is based on the belief that an amusement park is not allowed in a residential district, Haney said.

“Everything was done behind our back,” said Carlo DiPersio of Morgan Trail, one of the neighbors who filed the appeal. Neighbors are worried about how much traffic the park might generate. Spiro granted the permit because Heritage is exempt from zoning as a nonprofit educational facility, Haney said. DiPersio said he wants the public to know the fight isn’t about the museum, but about the proposed changes.

“We’ve been neighbors with Heritage for 43 years. We love Heritage,” he said. “We are the guardians of the spirit of Heritage.”

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills every time I read about how much the fun police hate these zip lines. It’s some ropes in the woods for fucks sake. It’s going to give some kids something to do besides get in trouble. I just don’t understand how anyone can be so upset about this, but then I read that last quote…

“We are the guardians of the spirit of Heritage.” – Carlo DiPersio

Ummm… no you’re not! You happen to own a house nearby. You have absolutely zero claim to guardianship of Heritage, none, zilch, nada! This is the lunacy that is the fun police, this guy legitimately thinks he owns the fucking place because he lives near it. There is an absolutely amazing amount of self importance on display here folks.

These people need to get a grip, they aren’t building a casino, it’s a nonprofit educational facility putting some ropes in a few trees for kids to play on. Someone needs to pull a Kanye when this guy is talking at the hearing and yell “Carlo DiPersio hates young people!”

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  1. Heritage isn't the right place for zip lines. It's a nice quiet part of town. No one wants to listen to people yelling and/or shrieking on the zip lines and it will create more traffic. I hope it doesn't happen. They can find a more appropriate place for zip lines than Heritage.

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