NSTAR Is No More – Cape Cod’s Electric Company Is Now Eversource

eversource energy

CCT – NSTAR, the Cape’s electric company has a new name. As of Monday, February 2, the utility now goes by Eversource.

The name change was announced early last month. Northeast Utilities, NSTAR’s parent company, announced the new brand name for NSTAR and its sister companies including Connecticut Light and Power Company, NSTAR Gas, Public Service Company of New Hampshire, Western Massachusetts Electric Company and Yankee Gas Services Company.

Such a sly power move by NSTAR. Oh your bill just went up 30-50%? Wasn’t us, we are Eversource, that was NSTAR. 8,473 articles on the internet about the electric company poisoning us with chemicals to clear powerlines? No worries, those are all about NSTAR. Go ahead and Google it, there isn’t one article about Eversource poisoning anybody.

NSTAR trying to sneakily give themselves a clean slate. This is like if Charles Manson changed his name to Rick Johnson and became an accountant in Tucson. I don’t give a shit what your name is, you’re still an asshole.

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