85 Year Old Woman Drives Into Orleans Post Office – Literally


CapeCodToday.com – There was a single car collision at the post office at 210 Main Street, East Orleans today around noon today.

A Toyota RAV 4 driven by an 85-year-old woman was attempting to pull into a parking spot which is in front of the post office, but ended up almost in the lobby instead.

As the car entered the parking spot, instead of applying the brake and coming to a stop, the operator applied the gas and the car struck a vertical support beam, traveled across the walkway, and smashed into the side of the Orleans Post Office building before coming to a stop.

Ah the old think you’re hitting the brake, actually hitting the gas, driving into a post office trick. Seems like an 85 year old woman pulls this move once a month or so. The post office and over cooked steak, that’s what old people do.

Why do people over 80 even leave their houses? I don’t want to leave the house now, when I’m 85 I’m literally going to sew my pants to the couch. Just sit around all day blogging about the new Depends adult diapers and complaining about train whistles.

Maybe we should have an exchange program with the RMV and the post office. When you turn 80 your car is automatically traded in for its value in stamps. Sure it will take away their transportation, but it also removes the only reason someone that old has to ever leave their house in the first place. Call me whatever you want, but don’t say I’m not a problem solver.

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  1. My husband used to own a gas station and in the space of two weeks not one but two 85ish men had mishaps there. The first one drove up on the island holding the big price sign and got the car hung up on the huge post that held up the sign. He got out and left his wife in there still yelling at him. The second one drove through the building and nearly ran over a mechanic working inside. Then he threw the car in reverse, floored it, and nearly ran over my husband who was behind him and told him to back up. Hubby had to save himself by jumping on the bumper and hope he didn’t get crushed in the bargain. It was a very interesting week for the firemen and cops.

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