14 Acres Of Sandy Neck Beach Property For Sale And The Price Is Right!


CapeCodTimes.com – With 14.1 acres of Sandy Neck beach property up for sale, the question becomes: What can be done with it? The land was listed with Premier Commercial in Hyannis for $295,000 on March 19.

In Premier owner John Ciluzzi’s opinion, the asking price is low compared with other Cape Cod beach land parcels because of the due diligence a potential buyer would need to do to find out its potential uses. The land is on the north side of Sandy Neck, fronting Cape Cod Bay. The other three sides of the rectangular parcel are surrounded by town-owned land, Ciluzzi explained.

“I don’t think you would find 14 acres of beach property in the region available for that price, but that being said, there are conservation issues and regulations that come into play with a property like this,” he said. “While it’s a breathtaking piece of property, potential owners would need to research buildability possibilities, access restrictions, and other issues that go into purchasing a property on Sandy Neck.”

Is it just me or does $295,000 seem like a bargain for this land? Don’t get me wrong, there is zero chance I would ever buy a piece of property that you can’t build on or really ever do anything with and probably has a Piping Plover blocking vehicle access. But, if I were a gazillionaire? I’d scoop it up in a heartbeat and figure out a use later. Maybe have my dog brought there by helicopter a few times a day to take what would be the most idyllic Cape Cod dumps of all time.

I just hope some ass hat doesn’t buy this and put up fences or something. Maybe we should launch a GoFundMe and start a Real Cape readers collective to buy it ourselves. We could throw some pretty bad ass parties on 14 acres of beach. We could make it a no Fun Police zone and get down to some serious business out there. Can you say music festival in the sand? Who’s in?

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