Renovations Stir Spirits – Hyannis Library Declared A Certified Haunted Location

hyannis ghosts – According to local paranormal investigators, renovations to the Hyannis Public Library have not spooked the spirits that reside there.

In 2009, the MPI designated the wing a Certified Haunted Location after an investigation using digital voice recorders and natural electromagnetic frequency meters revealed the presence of what the team concluded were spirits. This July, the group came back to determine if renovations to the Main Street library have chased the ghosts from their dwelling.

“Libraries, museums, schools, are the most active,” MPI’s founder Dave Sircom, of Yarmouth Port, told the group. “It happens a lot during renovations.”

A group of about 50 people shuddered when Sircom played voice recordings from both investigations.

“We could leave you alone if that’s what you would like,” Sircom said to what he believed was a lurking spirit during the July investigation.

Soon after, muffled with static, a child’s voice was heard.

“That would be nice,” it whispered.

Later in the investigation, the group asked the child its name, and they, as well as many of the members of the audience listening to the recording, heard it reply: “Nathan.”

Listen, I read stuff on the internet all day log so I have a pretty good sense of what’s real and what isn’t. The Massachusetts Paranormal Institute doesn’t just go around certifying hauntedness for no reason. When an institute concludes that there is spirits, it’s best you don’t rile their asses up with renovations just before Halloween. This is the Massachusetts Paranormal INSTITUTE we are talking about here, institutes don’t fuck around. Ever heard of a little place called MIT? I’m pretty sure the two are affiliated.

So my advice to these 50 people that “shuddered” when Nathan the ghost said he wanted to be left alone would be to respect his wishes. There’s a 98% chance he is the key master. Do you know what happens if you piss him off and he finds the gate keeper? If you think Nathan is scary, wait until Gozer Gozerian comes after your ass. Just let sleeping ghosts lie and shut the library down until December.

P.S. In related news, 50 people in Hyannis desperately need to get laid.

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