Bourne Firefighter Injured In Dramatic Parrot Rescue

parrot – When a woman’s parrot flew off her shoulder outside a Cohasset Avenue bank Wednesday morning, a Bourne firefighter came to the rescue.

At 11:30 a.m., the fire department received a call from Santander Bank, where a woman lost her bird, Ozzy, Deputy Fire Chief Joseph Carrara said. The woman was leaving the bank with the yellow-naped Amazon parrot on her shoulder when it flew off into a nearby tree, he said.

Firefighter Matthew Langler responded to the scene with a 16-foot ladder, but it didn’t reach Ozzy, who was perched on a branch about 25 feet from the ground, Carrara said.

Langler climbed the remaining 10 feet on his own and took hold of the bird.

“He got his finger bit and he bled a little,” Carrara said, adding that the firefighter did not need medical attention.

The parrot made some noises but didn’t speak during the incident, Carrara said.

This right here is a perfect example of why firefighters and EMT’s are true heroes, and I am 100% dead serious when I say that. Saving human lives from a burning building is one thing, that makes sense to me. I can understand the adrenalin rush taking over when they are risking life and limb to rescue people whose lives are in danger. I can totally see why the personal rewards of helping people when they are faced with possible death can make for a gratifying profession.

What I can NOT understand is why any human being would feel in any way obligated to rescue some random persons parrot because they thought it was a good idea to bring it with them to the fucking bank. To me this would be a clear cut “you want your parrot, you go up in the tree and get it” situation. Should have put that thing on a leash sweetheart, didn’t you notice the fucking wings on its back?

But this Langler guy? This guy doesn’t even hesitate to Tarzan his way up a tree to get a total stranger her bird back. That takes a selfless person with a pure heart and an intense love for the earth and all of her creatures, a true hero. That takes someone who is basically the complete opposite of me. If some lady outside of the bank asked me to get her bird out of a tree, I would have laughed, hit the ATM, and found the nearest bar to tell everyone the hilarious story about the time a total stranger thought I would give a shit about her stupid bird.

Thank god for firefighters huh?

P.S. The parrot made some noises but didn’t speak? See what I mean? The ungrateful prick didn’t even say thank you.

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