Rare African Fish That Probably Has Ebola Found Swimming In Edgartown Harbor

ebola fish

Vineyard Gazette – An uncommon visitor turned up in Edgartown harbor this weekend: a juvenile African pompano, an iridescent tropical fish that likely drifted north from waters off the southern United States.

The sighting was reported this weekend by longtime squid fisherman Janet Messineo, who spotted the fish swimming in Edgartown harbor before it was caught. What she thought was a weed sped off through the harbor.

Later, she got a better look at what she describes as “a beautiful tropical-looking fish with tendrils.” It was her first encounter with the species.

Ms. Messineo was there at around 10 p.m. Saturday when a local squid fisherman caught a squid on a jig. As the squid was being pulled onto Memorial Dock, it grabbed the African pompano.

After the squid and the fish were on the dock, Ms. Messineo held the juvenile fish briefly in her hand before letting it go.

NOOOO! Don’t throw the Ebola fish back! Quarantine the damn thing in an Outbreak tent! What the hell is wrong with this lady?

More importantly why are we still letting fish from Africa anywhere near the United States? Ebola has killed more people in this country than we’ve sent to Jupiter in a Buick! How many people have to die before we take this threat seriously? Two? CLOSE THE BORDERS!

You thought Katharine the shark was scary, she’s nothing compared to a fish that will turn your organs into a soup that comes out of your eyeballs. First Ebola Nurse up in Maine is galavanting around on her mountain bike and now this lady is just tossing Ebola Fish around like she’s playing freaking Bocce. When will people start realizing that 1 out of every 316,100,000 Americans die of Ebola? Oh the humanity!

P.S. I still can’t believe the CDC hasn’t contacted me about the cure I discovered for Ebola weeks ago.

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