This Chick STILL Hasn’t Left Chatham To Row Across The Atlantic!?

kayak sarah outen – British adventurer Sarah Outen, who is on the last leg of a 25,000 mile adventure around the world, will launch Thursday morning from Chatham Bars Inn.

Outen biked, rowed and kayaked through Europe and Asia and biked through Alaska, Canada and the U.S. over the last 4 years.

Outen will be rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean and expects the trip to take about four months.
Outen has spent the last five weeks in Chatham recovering from a winter bike leg across North America.

Good lord am I sick of reading about this lady. She’s been here for five weeks? As far as I’m concerned if you stay in one place for more than a month you’re no longer on the “last leg” of an around the world adventure, you’re on fucking vacation. Move it or lose it sweetheart.

At this point she’s like Cape Wind, there’s 378 articles about her every other day but there isn’t anything actually happening. All I know is she damn well better make it across or this will be the most anti climactic media hype since Geraldo opened Al Capone’s vault.

There’s only one thing worse than an attention seeking, “look at me” type of person, and that’s an attention seeking, “look at me” type of person that sucks everyone in and then fails. I’m just letting everyone know ahead of time that if this limey chick doesn’t make it to E town I am going to be all over her. You want to make sure the press knows all about your “adventure”? Don’t come crying to me when I make fun of you for getting scurvy and quitting on day 3.

P.S. If she calls that thing a “kayak” one more time I’m gonna punch myself in the nuts.

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