Some People Who Comment On This Site Might Be More Insane Than Insane Tony, And He’s Pretty Insane


So after this post about Piping Plovers we’ve been getting emails, site comments and Facebook comments from people  who are either in an inter species relationship with a Piping Plover or have mild case of Asperger’s. They are very pissed off that we would say such terrible things about these birds. Who are these people? Am I taking crazy pills? This dude went on a 375 word rant. The entire post was less words than that!

The hilarious thing is that not one of these Plover sympathizers even mentioned that we compared midgets to endangered species or that we said homeless people live in nests in the same post. To them it is much more severe of a crime to make fun of a bird than it is to make fun of midgets and homeless people. Makes sense right?

How do these people not see what we are doing here? Recently on this site we have said it is a good idea to rob banks, praised a man who stole money from disabled veterans, claimed to prove the existence of ghosts and UFO’s, warned that soon we would have to get the shocker to be allowed in convenience stores and suggested we give people vasectomies in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. Anyone see a pattern developing here?

I am genuinely worried about these people’s well being, if we can give hearing impaired people hearing aids and vision impaired people glasses, isn’t it time we give sense of humor impaired people sarcasm detectors? Get on that shit science before one of them shoots me on my porch.

P.S. Here come the emails from people who have a cousin with Asperger’s.

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