Stray? Bullet Hits Car On Route 6

bullet car

HYANNIS, Mass. ( — Police on Cape Cod are investigating a car apparently being hit by a bullet while traveling on Route 6.

Officials say the driver was heading to work in Hyannis late Tuesday night. While he was driving between exits 4 and 5, he heard a loud bang. The man assumed it was only a rock, but once he looked at the door he says he saw a hole created by a large-caliber bullet.

Like we don’t have enough on our plates to worry about? People are stealing our copper pipes, Piping Plovers are taking our best real estate, convenience stores are being robbed left and right, oysters are making us sick instead of horny and now we have to worry about randomly getting shot at on the highway?

You realize where we are headed right?

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  1. If hyannis didn’t have djs or that sweet ass balise car wash I would never step foot in that shit hole

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