Buzzfeed Names Oak Bluffs, Falmouth, and Provincetown 13th, 14th and 24th On List Of 24 N.E. Towns You Need To Visit


Buzzfeed strikes again! This time they name 24 Small New England Towns You Absolutely Need To Visit. Sure it’s flattering that they would put three Cape and Islands towns on their list. Sure national exposure is a good thing.

Here’s the thing, you’d think a national website would take one minute of time to make sure they actually represent these places in an attractive light. Let’s take a quick look at the photos they chose to represent Falmouth on this list. Surely such an idyllic New England Town is represented by some stunning shots that capture the essence of the town right? Wrong.

Let’s start with a lovely shot of the local marine life…


Such majestic creatu… SEAGULLS? They used a photograph of fucking seagulls? Rats with wings are what you MUST come to see in this New England Town? Why didn’t they just use a pic of them srounging for french fries in the Burger King parking lot, might as well get them in their most popular habitat.

Let’s move on to a beautiful seascape shall we?


Ooooh! A spectacular shot of what could literally be any town on any coast anywhere in the entire world. That sweet 22′ foot fiberglass center console with the Evinrude on it sure is a throwback to simpler times in New England. Boy does this shot really capture the quaintness of the place! Moving On!

Let’s see what they chose to showcase our famous Cape Cod architecture…


Oh for fuck’s sake Buzzfeed could you put one ounce of effort into this? Can you get someone to close the damn garage door at least? At first I wondered why the shot was cut off on the bottom, then I noticed that there is a fucking 30 yard dumpster in the shot! Fuck me, a 3 year old with a Polaroid could have done better than this.

That is it, these three photos  are all there is in their post to represent Falmouth, three absolutely terrible compositions that would put Cape Cod at # 4,987 on the lists of places I want to visit placing it right behind Syria.

Hey maybe they didn’t get the best photos for the article but at least they got all their facts straight right…

Unlike some of the more popular Cape towns, Falmouth is located on the lower part of the Cape — which gives you a whole different Cape experience.

Oh for crying out loud Buzzfeed Falmouth is most certainly NOT part of the lower Cape, do you not even check Wikipedia before you post this shit?

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