The Jenny & Hadley Show – Recap & Finale

My best friend is my 5 year-old niece. You may think that’s weird, but if you met her, you’d instantly understand. I don’t know how, but my poor sister was somehow cursed with giving birth to the child that should have been mine and in fact may be me but in miniature form. Here she is “pretending to be Auntie Jenny”


Well over the summer I took some time off from my career and naturally decided to use that time to create and star in my own reality series, co-hosted by my pint-size bestie. Here’s our first episode:

Well today is that little betch’s birthday, and I’ve been saving our “Finale Episode” for a special occasion, and what’s more special than the day she was born?? Well, arguably the day I met Phillip Phillips…but let’s not make this about me.

photo (7)

..Anyways, after a few episodes, the fame really started to go to her head. I mean she got recognized at Walmart once and you would have thought she was being chased down the street by a pack of rabid paparazzi. She was like “NO PICTURES”, and “I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE SHOW”. That was my first red flag that maybe it was time to take a break from filming.

We ultimately decided to end things when she got sent home from daycare for stealing chap-stick and calling some girl ugly. She is so fierce. She came home screaming about how it wasn’t her fault and that she just “needed some time off from school”, this is naturally when I decided to start letting the camera role.

So, without further ado, ladies and gentleman; I give you the long awaited Jenny & Hadley Show finale. Thank you to all those who followed us and submitted your questions – we may be back for a reunion special or possibly even a spin-off, but I can’t fully commit until I see my contract. I refuse to film on Sundays.

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