Young And Ambitious On Cape Cod? Take A Hike

Wellfleet Sea Salt Company
WELLFLEET — After months of trying to find a small property on which to produce the salt they bottle and sell, Hope Schwartz-Leeper and Zachary Fagiano, the 22-year old founders of the Wellfleet Sea Salt Company, have found the ideal spot — a small parcel of land owned by Lyle Butts of Bay Sails Marine at 35 Designer’s Row. But once again, the young couple who hope to be able to run their company in Wellfleet have met with another obstacle.

The above is just an excerpt, I highly suggest you read the entire article because it encompasses everything that is wrong with Cape Cod.

The story of Wellfleet Salt Company completely reinforces the stereotype that Cape Cod is not a place for young people with ambition and great ideas. If you live in Wellfleet you should seriously consider going to your towns December 5th meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals and booing the shit out of anyone who votes against Hope and Zachary.

The rest of us should go to their website and buy some of their salt, show them they are wanted.

No we do not know these two and have never spoken to them, we just tend to like young, ambitious Cape residents with cool local business ideas that result in jobs, use no electricity, no water, and cause zero pollution. Too bad most of the people in charge don’t agree.

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  1. I’ve personally found that Cape Cod sets up a lot of barriers against young professionals’ dreams here. It seems like there is an elitist overtone among many veteran business owners, local politicians, and old residents. And everyone wonders why so many young people move off Cape…

  2. Thanks for sharing. Zach and Hope are great and I would love to see them settle in Wellfleet and create additional jobs in that area.
    Overly restrictive zoning regulations don’t just stifle new business ventures, they are also harming the housing market for younger cape residents. Pushing for more density on certain properties – 2nd dwelling, apartments above garages and accessory housing in back yards would increase the more affordable housing options for Cape Codders. The Cape Cod Young Professions promotes civic involvement to get more young representation on boards. Younger people are generally more open to change and when I go in front of a committee or zoning board, I sure would like to see more young people in front of me. I wish Wellfleet Sea Salt company an easy time on Thursday.

  3. We need to show up and vote this stale attitude out of our town halls. I like retired people. I aspire to be one in the future. they have hobbies and too often its politics . We need to pry their bony, discolored, knotted hands off our bylaws. The Cape has turned into one big monument to the distantly, recently, and soon-to-be dead.
    P.S. Love you Nana, hope to see you on Christmas!

  4. Hey guys, Hope here! I can’t even tell you how much we appreciate your support in this issue. It’s been a long road already and we are doing everything we can to make sure it ends after this hearing. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that we actually had to move the hearing to December 19th, not tomorrow, because it turns out we needed a few more materials that wouldn’t be ready in time for tomorrow’s meeting. Please pass that along to anyone who was planning to come, and we can’t wait to see you there! Thanks again, it means a lot to us!

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