Cape Cod Craigslist Ad Of The Day – Breast Worship!

craigsbreasts – I’m a hot, athletic build/curvy female seeking some “play time” tonight at my place. This involves tender touching, admiring, submissive breast work on me, etc. I’m looking for a female close to my age (20-27), that is also fit and is not in the erotic industry. I will be hosting so please understand this post is serious. Pay is $125 for 45 minutes of breast worship. Non smokers only and have a vehicle to get to me. Send photo and phone number. Calling is more efficient than emailing 🙂 Thank you!

Let me get this straight. A hot, athletic, curvy female is willing to pay $125 for someone to worship her breasts 45 minutes? Why does a hot twenty something need to pay someone for this? News flash, breasts are an extremely sought after commodity around here, I’m pretty sure you can find someone to “tenderly touch” them for free at any bar on The Cape.

I would just like to take this opportunity to let all of our female readers know that I provide non secular breast worship completely free of charge. No matter if you are Jewish, Catholic, Muslim or Buddhist I do not discriminate nor do I charge. I will tenderly worship your breasts to the point where they develop a god complex. Call me.

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