The Cape Cod National Seashore Has Officially Lost Its Marbles

chickadee – At Beech Forest, it takes only a few minutes of quiet waiting with an open palm full of sunflower seeds to get a chickadee to land on your hand.

In a new initiative, the Cape Cod National Seashore would like to end the tradition by visitors and locals of feeding the chickadees as a practice harmful to the birds and illegal under federal law. In response, some question the Seashore’s focus on chickadees when there are larger maintenance issues such as an eroding parking lot at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown. Others said there is value in allowing people generally interested in nature to have a close interaction with birds.

Oh cut the shit Seashore. Who the hell do you think you are? If a bird wants to eat something out of my hand, that is between me and the bird. Go donate a kidney to a Piping Plover or something and stay out of our business. It’s bad enough that you already think it’s OK to tell us how to run our lives, but now you’re making up bird laws? What happens if you catch a chickadee eating out of someone’s hand? Will the chickadee get 6 months in the House of Correction?

Talk about acting completely tapioca. What’s next? Are these wackos gonna levy fines to anyone that gives their dog a treat? Maybe start throwing people in jail at the petting zoo? I for one will not stand for this, next time I see a chickadee it’s getting a steak and cheese sub and a big ol’ french kiss. Try to stop me.

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  1. Not only that, but the park is gonna ticket YOU for just threatening the birds with steak and cheese……

  2. Not only that, but the park is gonna ticket YOU for just threatening the birds with steak and cheese……

  3. Another law? Our freedom is eroding away… Feeding chickadees seeds that choose to land on your palm is not harassment to wildlife. The NPS should have bigger priorities, and problems to concentrate on. Please disarm you guns. You do not have to wear them…We are not the enemy. We
    never were.

  4. Note from the big house: a gull swooped down and grabbed a hot dog from the grill. Don't worry – I'll be out in a few years. I'm guessing the whole point of this law is to generate money.

  5. So for the same reasons, will it be illegal to give a homeless person food too? Wouldn't want them to get dependent on handouts now would we? Guess bird feeders will be illegal soon too.

  6. This coming from the group of people who poisoned seagulls so they died all over peoples homes and lawns, who wanted to poison crows because they threaten the piping plover, who have people walk the beach and crush bird eggs if they are anything other than plover eggs…. the list goes on. Since when did they become God

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