Insane Tony’s Music Venue Reviews – Pufferbellies


So I want to start with saying Happy New Year to all The Real Cape peeps out there. Hope you all had a night full of saying Happy New Year to many people whom you could care less if they get diarrhea everyday in 2014. I am starting this year out with a new segment of reviewing music venues here on the cape. Today I look at one of the most infamous venues here, good ol’ Pufferbellies.

This place has more potential than Jackie Bradley Jr. But it seems it can’t get out of the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. You won’t hear about Pufferbellies for a few months then BAM, a stabbing or a car is left on cinder blocks or a featured musician did not show up. The list of acts pulling no shows is one witha few pretty big names on it. That list includes D.J Clue, Fabulous, and Ludicrous. Pulling the old no main act trick to a room of 1000 boozed up early 20 year olds usually goes over pretty well.  I am sure thats doesn’t add fuel to the fire at all, and get a few young, dumb and full of cum drunk dudes to go on a rampage.

To their credit they have pulled in a couple names to show up. DMX did show up, not sure how long he played for but at least they got him there. And I think Lil Poopy also made an apperence.

I mean it’s amazing to me that they cant pull more nationally touring acts. With a little love this place could be the spot. No other venue besides the Melody Tent holds that many people. But you keep mixing 18+ with 21+, bad things are gonna happen. From looking at their Facebook page they look like the U.N with all these Russian nights, Brazilian nights and I even saw a Brazilian/Irish night. Now thats an interesting evening, you got whiskey drinking Irish teens and skimpy dress wearing Brazilian girls, sounds like a recipe for a love connection. E-Harmony has nothing on that night a Pufferbellies.

So I hope Pufferbellies can make their New Years resolution and get their shit together and help out the live music scene here and start pulling in some big names. I mean why wouldn’t a musician want to come to beautiful Cape Cod in the summer and play in front of a 1000 people and make a few grand? So help us out Pufferbellies and get your shit together. The other major thing about this venues is that it is centrally located. It’s perfect to throw some major concerts. Everyone from P-town to Fal-town would be able to come buy your $6 cans of bud light.

This is part of one awesome review I read-“There was maybe like 15 cars in the lot. My friends and I were very happy we brought emergency drinks for the car since we were all dressed like tools. Ok maybe just I was. (Pics related)

After enough liquid courage we go inside, they have bouncers and security (they won’t let you bring drinks into the bathroom which I thought was kinda weird) but no pat downs, and they have a fully stocked bar.As people have said this place it EXPENSIVE for alch. Around 6 bucks for a beer in a can.

The image of when we walked in consisted of 5 people dancing in this massive place, and then 2 ‘customers’ pole dancing for this russian fat guy in the corner. The girls pole dancing looked like playmates, and the dude looked like a mobster.

Either way I’m down with that, if I was a fat russian mobster I’d probably hang at an 18+ rave with a fully stocked bar nearby with 2 ladies of the night pole dancing for me. So I can’t judge”. This dude nailed it.

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