New Details Of Shootout From Bourne Police Department Press Release

bourne car burned

All evidence points to this being the act of a lone gunman and we aren’t under attack. Apparently he shot two women inside of a condo, killing one and injuring the other. The injured woman managed to call 911. When officers responded to what was also reported as multiple explosions and a a car on fire, some other “incendiary devices” got in their way. The suspect started shooting, hitting one officer in the back just below his vest.

The suspect was so well armed that at one point he had officers “pinned down” by gunfire. It would seem that this was some sort of pre-meditated act given how well armed the guy was and that he seemed to have booby trapped the area. The suspect is in custody. Great job obviously by the police, sounds like they limited the damage in a crazy situation. Hopefully this psycho is getting a “stern talking to” right at this very moment because whatever justice he gets served by the courts will not be enough.

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