Update: Car Lit On Fire – Woman Dead in What Was An Ambush On Police In Bourne


CapeCodOnline.com – A Bourne police officer and an unidentified woman were shot early this morning at a condominium complex on Round House Road, and another person has been taken into custody, according to state police.

The woman died at the scene from gunshot wounds, Bourne police Chief Dennis Woodside said.

“This was an ambush on the cops,” he said. The police officer was shot in the back under his bullet-proof vest but appears to be in stable condition, he said.

Numerous weapons were found at the scene and a car was lit on fire to block response, according to police.

Bomb squad technicians are also investigating devices – believed to be hoaxes – found near the crime scene.

Great news that the officer is in stable condition. This sounds like it was a crazy situation, this dude was lighting cars on fire, ambushing police, making hoax devices and apparently was well armed. Is this Cape Cod or Syria? Hopefully this is an isolated incident.

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  1. It will be quite telling who these people are and what their motivations were. I know one thing for sure that this wasn't your everyday usual thug scumbaggery; I will be tuning in often for updates on this one….

  2. The news said man & 2 women were in the coast guard. He drove up from VA. Was this wrong Victor Britner? Not that important……….more worried about the officer and all their families. So sad

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