The National Seashore Shows Why They Aren’t A Good Neighbor Yet Again

seashore – Food trucks won’t be allowed in the Cape Cod National Seashore this summer but might be there next year.

The Cape Cod National Seashore denied a request by Truro food-truck vendor Joseph Rugo to operate at several government-owned locations within the boundaries of the 44,000-acre park. His request was the first in several years and Seashore Superintendent George Price said he needs to fully understand the management issues before allowing the food trucks.

After being turned down by both Truro and the Seashore, Rugo turned to the town of Wellfleet. Late last month, he received permission from the Board of Selectmen to operate at the town-owned Baker’s Field, near Mayo Beach, through the summer.

His first day in Wellfleet was Thursday but he still has his eye on other sites.

“Ideally, I’d like to be at the National Seashore next year,” he said last week.

The Seashore, with boundaries crossing the six outermost towns on the Cape, was visited by 4.5 million people in 2013, according to National Park Service statistics. In 2013, the park was ranked the 13th busiest, out of 369 National Park Service facilities nationwide.

He sells tacos with Jamaican and Asian flavors, smoothies, Mexican street corn and other inexpensive food, catering mostly to the town recreation department’s daily activities and evening concerts.

I’ve just about had it with The National Seashore. Up until I started writing for The Real Cape I always thought they were just a bunch of friendly nature lovers that are probably very agreeable and good neighbors. Now I realize that they are just another big ass federal agency mired in bureaucratic and political bullshit.

We’ve already gone over how they hate Cape Cod and its local inhabitants in this older post, and now we have more evidence to prove it. Who doesn’t like tacos with Jamaican and Asian flavors? Mexican street corn, well, I have no idea what that is but it sounds great. Oh and it’s all inexpensive, so there’s no way they should possibly allow the 4.5 million people that visit the Seashore to enjoy any of that right?

This quote has to be the single most perfect example of federal bureaucratic excellence ever put to print:

“the Seashore’s concessions management specialist Angela Harris is new to her job and will need about a year to get up to speed on the issue, he said.

It is up to the superintendent of each park to decide whether to allow food trucks, Price said.

“Angela — and we — need to understand it before we entertain it,” Price said”

Jesus, Mary, mother of Joseph! Could you imagine if you were the “concessions management specialist” at a private firm? How long do you think would be the acceptable time frame for you to “get up to speed” on an issue about concessions? Umm… by day one maybe? Since you are the fucking “concessions management specialist” and all? Imagine going to Dunkin’ Donuts and being told that you would need to come back next year because their “coffee management specialist” needed a year or so to learn how to use the coffee maker, this is pretty much the same thing.

I would write more on this subject but I’ll just finish this blog next year, it’ll take we a while to get up to speed on the story.

P.S. Hey Joe, get in touch, you are more than welcome to sell your delicious, inexpensive food at The Real Cape Music Festival.

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  1. The Seashore elite has made a carrier out of managing how to not manage our properties! They believe themselves (each succeeding superintendent ) divine in the process of enabling us to understand how our environment should be secured.

  2. Hey there Hippie, and everyone tuned into The Real Cape~

    First off thank you very much for the love and support.

    Second, Mexican Street Corn is delicious and you all should come try some ASAP. It’s grilled Corn on the Cob dipped in a warm Ancho Chile Butter, topped with Chipotle Aioli, crumbled Feta Cheese, and fresh Cilantro…you won’t be disappointed.

    Now, I am as much against Big Brother, and unnecessary federal agencies as it seems you are. In fact I could write until next year about all my issues with Over-sized Government and Greedy Corporations… but I have LOTS of prep cooking to do!!

    In regards to the National Seashore, I am thankful that they are giving it consideration. They could have easily just said “no” like several different towns administrator’s have.

    Angela Harris is a very nice person that was excited and enthusiastic when I told her my business plans. She was a new employee at the National Seashore when we first spoke and was not hired under the title "concessions management specialist". It’s my impression that she was appointed to that position after showing passion and enthusiasm towards allowing food trucks at the park, which I am very grateful for. We spoke several times discussing details and it seemed like all of the staff was okay with the plan, but as we found out …

    "It is up to the superintendent of each park to decide whether to allow food trucks, Price said."

    It came down to Mr. Price, and he said no. Well at least not for this summer…
    I’m staying positive and will continue to pursue something for next year.

    In the mean time JOEYS Food Truck will be posted up over by the Skate Park in Wellfleet across the street from Mayo Beach… Free Parking!

    ~Come get some Mexican Street Corn and Tacos~

    P.S. I’d love to sell my delicious inexpensive food at The Real Cape Music Festival! Where do I sign up?!

  3. Wow! I love this! They do suck! The money that has been wasted over the years replacing stairs at Marconi and Nauset Beach is STAGGERING!

  4. Hi Hippie,

    I am a fifth generation native Cape Codder, and The National Seashore destroyed my life last year. If you want to keep writing stories about these horrible, bad mind people, I bet I've got the most shocking one you've herd yet. My name is Rachael Finn. I am the former owner of Sugar Surf Cape Cod, and my number is 508-237-3077.

    Sorry to here you've had to deal with them Joey. Best of luck with your food truck.

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