Does The National Seashore Hate Cape Cod?

seashore – The Cape Cod National Seashore announced Tuesday that Highland Links Golf Course in Truro is under new management, severing the park’s long-standing concession deal with the Town of Truro.

In February, Jim Knowles, Truro’s manager of the course solicited lettersof support from resident golfers to bolster the town’s bid to retain theconcession.  The Cape Cod National Seashore has concession agreements with non-federal entities at sites throughout the park, including Highland Links.

A month before Knowles was looking for resident support, the Cape Cod National Seashore severed their relationship with the former stewards of Highland (Cape Cod) Lighthouse, the group responsible to managing the lighthouse and instrumental in moving it to its current location in 1996.

Highland Links became federal property in 1961 at which time it was leased to the Town of Truro. The new concession contract with Johnson Golf Management, Inc. effectively ends that 50+ year relationship.

What’s up with The National Seashore going Benedict Arnold on Cape Cod? First the bug counters in control of the Piping Plover Motel sever their ties with the Highland Lighthouse stewards, a group that raised the money to save the lighthouse to begin with, and now they screw the town of Truro after 50 years?

What a crock of shit. Listen Seashore, you may be a federal entity but don’t forget who you are and where you came from. This is our peninsula and there is zero reason you shouldn’t be doing everything in your power to appease the very towns that your survival depends on. It’s not like Truro didn’t want the contract renewed, they did everything in their power to retain it.

This whole thing stinks of some weird political vendetta and I for one don’t like it one bit. If I wasn’t allergic to righteous Dune Police I might go down there and start asking questions myself.

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  1. Don’t forget the National Wildlife Refuge taking away south beach and monomoy from fishing and clamming in Chatham.

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