If You Live Near Prince Cove Marina In Marstons Mills… RUN! The Ocean Is BOILING! (Video)

What in the fuck is that? My guess is aliens. See this is where I get my controversial dislike for swimming in the ocean. We have NO IDEA what is down there. I don’t know what is causing this water to boil but I do know this. You wouldn’t stand a chance against it, there is nothing in that water but certain death.

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  1. pretty sure they are underwater fans that keep the water circulating so the water doesn’t freeze…..they get used in hyannis marina in boat slips that still have boats in them to keep the water around them from freezing

  2. gotta stop listening to wash-ashore CCT reporters… I’ve even seen that shit in the 02536… Bubblers keep the water moving and ice from forming…

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