Today In Cape Cod History – 1933 – Barge Carrying Rocks… Hits Rock And Sinks


CCT – On this day in 1933 the Cape Cod Canal was closed because a lighter carrying rocks hit a rock in the canal and sunk in three minutes.

The Eastern Steamship Company freighter Sandwich attempted to edge pass the sunken lighter but scrapped against it and was grounded itself on the opposite shore.

Too bad there weren’t blogs in 1933. Jebediah “Hippie” Gosnold would’ve had a field day writing about this. A barge carrying rocks hitting a rock and sinking is just inherently funny. It’s like a waiter carrying a tray of banana peels slipping on a banana, the irony is so thick it makes my brain explode from punchline overload, I’m not even sure which joke to make.

What I do know is this. I’m going to bookmark this post, and whenever I’m convinced the world is going to shit I’m coming back and reading this. Oh, it took us longer to paint the Bourne Bridge than it did for our great grandparents to build it? Well at least we didn’t sink a boat full of rocks by running into a rock. I mean, If you were the captain of a vessel carrying rocks wouldn’t you just say to yourself over and over… “Don’t hit a rock, do NOT hit a rock. If you hit a rock you will never live it down. Keep an eye out for rocks and whatever you do DON’T. HIT. A ROCK!”

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