Fun Police Strike Again – R.I.P. Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament

shark – The days of shark weighing in Oak Bluffs will come to an end following a vote by the town selectmen this week to grant a harbor permit for a tournament that targets other big game fish. The new tournament, led by Cape Cod residents Damon Sacco and Christian Giardini, will be held in the town marina July 24 to 26.

Sharks may be caught in the new event but fishermen will be required to set them free. Instead, there will be a weigh in for marlin, tuna, mahi, swordfish and wahoo, which generally weigh less than 100 pounds. Depending on the species and size of the fish, some will be weighed, and others released.

27 years is a good run. In the end the Monster Shark Tournament simply did not pass my simple Fun Police test. If it is wicked fucking awesome, it will be stopped. Too many people having too good of a time is just not tolerated anymore.

Cape Cod is just so fucking arrogant it drives me nuts. What kind of place that relies so heavily on the tourist industry for its economy tries this hard to make itself suck? Hey you know that huge event that attracts tons of people and stimulates the economy? Yeah we’re gonna have to go ahead and replace it with something nobody wants to go to. What a great policy for a tourist destination huh?

Fuck the Fun Police!

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  1. you hit it dead on!!!!! the very people who reap the rewards of these money making events are the ones who kill them off. it just doesn’t make sense but I love your fun police description its the reality of todays world for sure. that monster shark tourney was a lot of fun, I did it for 10 years, and brought in millions to the local economy. I really am starting believe like You that anything fun is becoming a crime!!!

  2. This article is from a year ago, but it is so fucking stupid. Sharks are literally going extinct and 11,000 are caught every hour. How can you be so uncaring and ignorant to see hunting them down as fun. Especially seeing as if they die out so does the entire ocean ecosystem. Man. Shaking my head at the lack of empathy in this article.

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