Cape Cod Craigslist Ad Of The Day – I’m Never Having A Daughter


Car Hookup – w4m – 18 (Eastham)
age : 18

Let’s meet at a beach in Eastham. We can get in the back of your car, and whatever happens happens. Maybe if you bring some 420 we can get a little relaxed before.

Dick pics get you nowhere. Send a face picture please. Age doesn’t really matter, but the older the better.

What’s that Chris Rock saying? A father’s only quest in life is to keep his daughter off the stripper pole? Well I think we can update that to “A father’s only quest in life is to keep his daughter from posting ads on Craigslist looking to meet up with strangers to smoke weed and have sex in the back of cars.”

Really rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?

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  2. Things all 18 year olds do get waaaaay creepier when they try to get strangers on craigslist to do it with them.

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