Cape Cod Craigslist Ad Of The Day – White Girl Dreadlocks

white girl dreadlocks – Hello! My names Ashley. I specialize in the initial set in of dreadlocks using a backcomb crochet hook method, also maintaining dreadlocks so they are kept tight and clean. I can also remove, trim or dye dreadlocks.
I also make wool dread extensions of various colors and sizes.
I take pride in dreadlocks.

Prices starting at
200$ for a full head of dreadlocks,
100$ for a half head of dreadlocks,
or 20$ for each dread.

With each appointment of setting in new dreads you will receive a shower cap, crochet hook and a lesson on how to maintain your own dreadlocks.

Above are some pictures of my dreads, and some I have did.

I look forward to hearing from you and starting you on your dreadlocked journey

This may not be the most popular mainstream opinion but man I love me some white girls with dreads. There is just something about that earth mother vibe that does it for me, I guess my pseudonym is Hippie for a reason.

With that said I just want to make a quick public service announcement for all the female hippies in training out there. The dready chick ensemble is all good, but if you have any interest in a long term boyfriend make sure to wash your hemp jewelry on a regular basis. I dated this girl from Vermont for a while and we’d probably still be together if she washed hers once in a while. Problem was every time we had sex it had to be doggy style because I didn’t want my face anywhere near her stinky ass hemp necklace.

The poor girl thought I wasn’t attracted to her and couldn’t look at her face. One moldy hemp necklace opened an entire Pandora’s Box of issues that would never have existed if she just tossed the thing in with the whites every once a while. So learn from my story all you white girls with dreads and you won’t end up with an inferiority complex that could have been avoided with 2 ounces of liquid Tide.

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